Lvl 200 Mag

Hey Guys,

I have my Mag at level 200, so whats the SP auto Action thing that I always saw on tips? Why do I have to still feed it when its max level. What are all the benefits of it being at its max now?

Your SP Auto Action depends on what your Mag's main stat is when it hit lv200:

Purple blades will form around you for 20 seconds when you attack a boss or mini-boss. Each hit from a purple blade will restore 1PP and give you a 0.5% Damage Bonus (can stack up to 10%). 120 seconds cooldown. Autofires 9 sets of 10 bullets over 20 seconds when you attack a boss or mini-boss; each bullet restores 1PP. 120 second cooldown. Reduces Tech Charge time by 20% for 20 seconds when you attack a boss or mini-boss. 120 second cooldown. Gives you Super Armor and reduces damage taken by 60% for 5 seconds when you take damage. 240 second cooldown.

You can switch to a different SP Action by buying a device from the ExCube Shop.

You need to keep feeding your Mag so that its Auto Actions work (basically, you need to keep its battery full), but you don't need to feed it anything specific anymore since its stats won't be effected.

The benefits are mostly the SP Auto Action and that you don't need to micromanage feeding it anymore (and obviously the Base stats that it gives you).

So i got 4 mags... Working on building a pure mag for mel, rng, tec, and dex. Pure mags the way to go right?

@Nulear-Power Yes. There is no real benefit to a mixed Mag.