Support Ticket

The Ragol Edition is removed from the store in a couple of days and this issue is still unresolved


This is now unacceptable. I purchased goods from you on April 8th which you haven't delivered or even refunded yet. What are doing? @GM-deynger

@GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-bill @GM-bill @GM-Cheezpuff i have placed 3 tickets in bc I wasn’t sure which name you needed for a password change about how long will it be till i here back from you guys about this thank you for your time

i have the same problem with an AC purchase and a premium pack, that i haven't received.

this is the most awful customer support in any mmo, but especially by a big company like SEGA, that i've ever came across.

at least I'm glad i'm not the only person still waiting for the support to do anything.

@GM-Bear @GM-Beemo @GM-Beppo @GM-bill @GM-Bleed @GM-Cheezpuff @GM-Cinder @GM-Deynger @GM-Drogeto @GM-Fatal4866

it would be greatly appreciated if tickets regarding anything cash shop related would be resolved more quickly. still waiting for anyone to do something.

I bought a Premium Pass last week, as of today have received nothing. No reply from support, no Premium Pass, just money out of my account and nothing to show for it.

Given all the complaints, it seems this is standard behavior of the company. We should all hit their social media with descriptions of the problem, and leave relevant Steam reviews as well until this is resolved. It's absolutely abhorrent that a company would take our money for an instantly-deliverable digital good and then refuse to give it to us.

@Amarantamin i 100 % agree with this. also not even one GM doing their job here in the forums as well, not even a message. it's embarrassing and a scam.

already left a bad review and contacted official sega support and complained about the non existent support, linking several threats to them.

I need to submit a ticket because I forgot my second password 😞

Blame the people that are flooding support tickets full of complaints about censorship as to why you guys have not been messaged back about your issues. Probably causing a lot of backup + issues with covid-19

Thats honestly no excuse at all. Support tickets will most likely be sorted into their category. In this case Cash Shop. So no excuse to not look at those problems first and foremost, or at least into anything that concerns real money purchases. It also doesn't explain, why they are taking more than 3 WEEKS !!!!! now without any reply. I've faced the reality already. I got scammed big times. And that the support company, supporters and GM are the absolute worst at their job and deserve nothing but to be fired and replaced by competent people.

How do I submit a ticket to reset my 2nd password

I myself sent them tickets too more than a week ago and I haven't received any reply. the negative steam reviews talk about the same problem.

Bumping just so newer peeps can understand how bad the customer service is before they drop cash

Anyone know what I can do about my missing AC I purchased. I bout the 29.99 and haven't received it and its not my first time buying AC.

i already bought character create permit with Ac and still game setting wont let me create 3 or more .....Is there any reason why ? even i have purchase history that i bought that item.