issues with the achievement An Extremely Enraged Mag

I have gotten a new Mag from the EX cube trade and used the Mag but I never got the achievement. Has this happened to others? Or is it a specific Mag that needs to be used?

What is the name of the photon blast that show under the mag information of you mag? (names like Julius - Proi)

Also, Xbox One achievements sometimes just doesn't pop when they should do, then pop later. Maybe you can wait a day or two?

I was able to get the achievement. It seems that they had some inconstancy between their translations of the achievement description and the name of the PB Device. The achievement calls it an Illios-type Photon Blast, and the EX-Cube shop calls the 3 versions Troy Proi, Troy Imera, and Troy Nifta. You can use anyone of these to teach your Mag that Photon Blast, and once it uses it, the achievement should show up instantly. At least it did for me when I used the Illios/Troy Nifta Photon Blast. There are many more of these inconsistent translations in the game, as well as typos, and line break errors, hopefully SEGA gets around to fixing them. In this case I, personally, prefer the name Illios, and I'd assume changing the achievement would be harder for them than just changing the name in game.

That is a really odd, yet completely understandable, translation discrepancy (The city of Troy is also called Ilios in some Ancient Greek sources). It does make me wonder if they changed it to make the reference more direct for NA audiences, or if this was a case of Google-fu gone wrong?