Confused about Housing

As it says on the tin... I know everyone gets a minimum of 5 spaces so you can place your Aux station. But I got 2 3 Day Housing passes from FUN and used them, and nothing seemed to change. Are you locked to the mini room without a premium set, or did I miss something?

You have to change the room theme at the room terminal thing.

@HoveringNebula Have you changed the room? If you access the Personal Terminal, Personal Quarters Menu opens. There you can find "Change Room Used" option. If you have used Personal Quarters Use (3 Days) ticket, you would be able to choose personal quarters layout A or B from this option.

So what would happen if you changed room and say you had 3 day? Does it revert back after the 3 day? If so what would happen to any decoration used within that time over the 5

@RagnarokSlayer The mini-room will always be the same. Any changes you make to the premium rooms will remain, but they will not be accessible without premium or the 3-day room pass.