Can anyone post a good link to how to GRIND weapons or explain it.

Can they break???

How do i get +35 onstead of 30 ???

I just got my Elder Rifle and and am looking how to GRIND this one specifically.

Here is the Online Manual page for Item Enhancement (aka Grinding):

Weapons cannot break while Grinding.

To get your Weapon's cap to 35, you need to feed it copies of itself. This means that you need a total of 6 copies, including the one you are planning on using.


Can they break???

No, that was PSU. Probably why the meat weapons didn't return, they should at least be camos though 😕 (also RIP Harisen Battle Fan and Fluorescent Bulb, yet they brought back the frying pan from PSO?!)

They do level down however but apparently the NA servers only have the NT weapons, which do not. Units or whatever they call the three armor pieces and rings do however.

How do i get +35 onstead of 30 ???

If it's an NT weapon, you have to use the same weapon as a material. If not, then you can't.

The Elder Rifle is a 12 star gun.

Can I only Sacrafice 12 star Guns??

or can I use 10 star Guns???

@NEXTEL-CUP You can use whatever but higher rarities give more grind exp.

@NEXTEL-CUP You can feed it any Weapon to raise its Grind Level, but you can only use other Elder Rifles to raise its Grind Cap.

@AndrlCh or waste 400 class excuses to +1 the cap.

Not sure who would wanna do that, but the option is there.

Thanks. I play abouta solid 1 hr a night. I dont think I willever get 10 Elder Rifles to get it to +5 Grinds.

I have never seen the Elder Rifle Drop in Game.

Thanks for the Tips.

So glad I dont have to do Luck days and Weapon Breask like PSU. Got to admit, it made the TOp Weapons so much Rarer though

I thought it was six copies (including the base weapon) for +5?

Increasing the grind cap to +35 involves using the same weapon as fodder. In your case, you would need another Elder Rifle. However, the factor of what it can boost up to is based on the cap of the fodder, compared to the base. (e.g. If you have an Elder Rifle with a grind cap of 32, and you use another Elder Rifle with a grind cap of 33, that will make it 35, too.) The cap can be increased at any time, as long as you use a duplicate of the weapon you want to enhance as fodder.

That's not what I asked...

So for Example for the Elder Rifle:

For Grind level 0-30 you could use any star level Asssault Rifle.

Then to get it to level 30 to 35 you would need 5 Rifles to use as Fodder. Once you do the 5th Sacrafice then you would have 35??

Is the above correct???

@NEXTEL-CUP For the 0 to 30 it doesn't need to even be Assault Rifles.

@NEXTEL-CUP Why are you making so many threads? Try consolidating...

@Someguy503 I was going to raise an issue with that myself, then I remembered the character limit for thread names.... I suppose something along the lines of "I have some questions" would have sufficed though.