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So I'm a decently new player, I'm about level 40 and I have a question on units. Which one do I equip and which do I trash? Do I got for the highest rated gear no matter the resistance? Do I put on the 1 of each 3 resistance in each of my slots to have a diverse resistance? Or do I match the resistance to my preferred damage out put? (Mel in this case)

So, Units have a few things that you can't see at a glance from the Abilities Tab.

First, Units have hidden Stats that don't show up there. This can be extra PP or HP, or even added Pwr.

Then there are Set Bonuses. If you match Units in a set, you will get additional boosts to Stats ( I believe you can actually check these from your Inventory when you select one of your Units).

These pages should have most, if not all, of the Units that are in NA version, though obviously names are likely different, so you can just match the icon (The "Parameters" column is the hidden stats):

Rear: http://srpgp.supersanctuary.net/cirnopedia-test/unit_01.php#nav

Arms: http://srpgp.supersanctuary.net/cirnopedia-test/unit_02.php#nav

Legs: http://srpgp.supersanctuary.net/cirnopedia-test/unit_03.php#nav

And here is the page for Set Bonuses:


From a higher dificulties/endgame standpoint. Is it sound thinking that you would say have your Units Element Resistance all set/obtained for Dark and your weapons set/obtained for Light?

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@KnightHarb1nger For the weapons, light is usually the most versatile choice since most Falspawns have light element as one of their weakness element. Of course there are many enemies who don't have light as their weakness, light weapons won't have an advantage against such enemies, still they have a good number of enemies they are effective at. So if you have to choose one element for your best weapon, usually light is a reasonable choice. But for weapons aimed for some specific purpose, they may have other choices.

Speaking for the units, I'm not perfectly sure about what I'm going to write here, so people who know better, please point out if there are any mistakes 🙂

Element Resistance of units only works for enemy attacks that specifically have that element. For example, some of the attacks of Dark Falz Elder freezes us, these attacks have ice element so ice resistance on our units work against these attacks. But all other attacks of him are non-elemental attacks which are either of Melee/Ranged/Technique. Elemental resistance won't work for such attacks.

So having better elemental resistance stats on units is useful in certain situations, but that's not a top priority issue. That's what I understand.

Heya @Fiona-Respha !

True on the Units aspect. It was more I guess an idea of even though its not what you would necessarily choose one/a set for as a minor good to do check off the box list kind of thing is more my thinking on Element Resistance.

As far as attack defense thats where the key choice seems to be. And being a Launcher Ranger, and this goes for any class/subclass choices, I'm debating how much to double and/or triple down on RNG Def. Vs. maybe let my Ranger class skillz do me well enough of RNG Def and choose/augment Units with more Mel-Def. And I'm even debating focusing my Non-Weak Ring (L) Tec-Def.

Per another thread espousing some woes with my Ra/Fo choices. And having switched to Ra/Hu since. The less glassyness has been noticeable. And has also helped me defeat some SHQ bosses a little easier. It felt suprisingly good to beat Zeshraider without incap'ing once. Still not sure about Vol Dragon. But will see. Having tried Vol Dragon and Gwanada in an EQ I still had to to full scape that twice. But still feel like I'm learning and better skills to be had by myself and thus through my char/gameplay.

Thank you for that reply!

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