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I caved and bought the weapon camo. Was seeing some cute basewear from the NGS CBT I want to use it with.

(If we get Jet Boots post official launch. Will probably end up going For/Ran for party play. Not sure what I'll use Bouncer weapons for if I get my hands on another all class one.)

I have Bell Weave already from FF, I wonder if the photo is a mistake?

@Milk said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

I have Bell Weave already from FF, I wonder if the photo is a mistake?

Hmm, it was probably a mistake that they put it in Fresh Finds because Bell Weave was originally an item from player design AC scratch series. There's already some on the player shops; I wonder if it was always tagged as an "AC scatch" item or SEGA recently made that change. I never bought it from FF, so I wouldn't know.

@n_n it was a FF item for global but was also accidentally sellable when it was released

@SaviorZero82 said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

@n_n it was a FF item for global but was also accidentally sellable when it was released

Oh, it was sellable from the start? Interesting.

Popular Accessories Tease thanks to Bumped:

Riad Headdress B alt text

Ribbon Braid R and L come in White, Pink, and Black

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

Note: Gravity is a Sony product, and a Global collab with PSO2 depends on how the whole SEGA relationship with Sony/Microsoft goes.

!Today's dailies! 3/24

Eri Silence: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 19F4ED88-9D13-4AC6-A0A3-C8227AA53D2B.jpeg CCF2C953-8C5B-4883-BD3A-037CD5493DB2.jpeg

  • Eri Accordi Weapon Camo 160 A0B02CF7-AC5C-41BD-A4AB-5410E62C6345.jpeg

Lorette Beldia: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 68D3B8EB-FEB0-4188-9C2D-56EDFD9856D3.jpeg

26: Dance 3 Emote 160

Eri Hair Hairstyle 160 5D4372BB-CDF0-4A25-8879-A97551BDECA6.jpeg Eri Headgear Accessory 80 C8D06F49-357B-4865-B071-46B120070FDB.jpeg Eri Tail Accessory 80 B7AB1F95-7A0E-40D6-92A3-C306EDFB744E.jpeg Extras 64E1BBC4-F10D-48C1-8880-23A7C17B0D79.jpeg

Another Lorette! So there is hope. Looks a little bright, might get it the second time around if we don’t get any more colors since I already got Night.

Close up of the Quina Spica: pso20210325_022120_000.jpg

alt text

!Today's dailies! 3/25

Macata Quina: Steel Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 51DBC358-C889-427D-A432-9063B81F6E6B.jpeg 29BAA679-BA6E-4A56-A1E6-B25EC7695D4A.jpeg Nix Halden: Shadow Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 DA7DAC19-4503-48FB-B56D-260377346A3C.jpeg Belted Tome: Black Accessory 80 5F995B85-5CA6-404A-9C11-694A41D128EF.jpeg Nix Hair Hairstyle 160 E1FD1D58-AF50-4F77-9EB4-A70578F8C644.jpeg Nix Headgear Accessory 80 D7F50459-4B7B-4A1F-B5D9-1B2D665559A0.jpeg Nix Eyepatch Accessory 80 2151BCE2-F902-4D24-B5CC-1DB75D9DF104.jpeg

  • Quina Spica Camo 160

@GMI said in Multi-weapon Camos:

Quina Spica

From Fresh Finds Shop 3/24

Sword/Partisan/Double Saber/Rod/Wand

Sheathed (Applies to all weapon styles)

alt text

Unsheathed Partisan/Double Saber/Rod/Wand alt text

Unsheathed Sword alt text

Extras 92292DE8-681A-4226-AC1C-A4A8A065F56B.jpeg

Aw darn, that weapon was also a wand? I’ll have to get it next go around!

!Today's dailies! 3/26

Chinese Dress: Winter Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 5A00ADA6-69F1-46B1-A319-76962416333E.jpeg Decorative Roses: White Accessory 80(popcorn????) 33658E9D-1D29-4E12-8FBF-6912FF023DD8.jpeg Chomp-Torch: Blue Accessory 80 8A46D8BC-F00C-4002-8146-47537DBDC0BF.jpeg Bratty Cheek Makeup Makeup 60 FEDE5EFC-2849-441B-BA60-2C47F5A7272D.jpeg Kizika Hair Hairstyle 160 6C23DEA8-08A0-4A34-A056-17E884C31D39.jpeg Kizika Headgear Accessory 80 531B3825-F359-4BA2-A54A-D64E40C33D86.jpeg Kizika Glasses Accessory 80 0DE9E1E6-4307-42B3-870E-94905FB7E8C9.jpeg Extras B82A96B6-E930-4E91-8A53-A0921BA25FB5.jpeg And one of me goofing off with some of the new scratch items ^^ 15D4F71C-FD50-4AB2-BD22-6C243B87EF8E.jpeg

Thanks for the close up of the bratty cheek makeup, I couldn’t see anything in the preview! Some good stuff here but on the fence.

@Milk NP, same fig I would save my SG today

!Today's dailies! 3/27

Capital Clara: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 51860C75-C398-4280-BE38-ECA841B91F00.jpeg

  • Clara's Reaver Camo (Twin Dagger, Dual Blade) 160 F81982B9-E0A3-44BA-B5F7-0D7B611E6367.jpeg Eri Silence: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 57F8C625-CD68-47C4-9603-4136975E5A18.jpeg

65: Boxing Emote 100

Eri Hair Hairstyle 160 0A6D0AA5-74B9-4BA9-8027-BAAD8966E984.jpeg Eri Headgear Accessory 80 9CD31B71-5C46-455B-9394-77483BF7E700.jpeg Eri Tail Accessory 80 592140EA-5B03-4C51-8A9C-311522E5B0D2.jpeg Extras 22632055-A28A-469C-97A2-B6385ADA1464.jpeg