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todays items are perty nice! if the white outfit would have been black or gray i would have been in trouble B^)

also got excited when i saw the image for the hair extensions because i thought they were the long ear rings in yellow... BUT they do look kinda good so i may end up picking them up anyways.

there are times (and outfits) i wish we had more than 4 slots for accessories he he, but then i see what some people can do with just the 4 slots and i think good grief what kind of monstrosity would they make if they had even more slots B^P

p.s. sorry i couldn't grab pics and post... already running late for work B^(

!Today's dailies! 11/30

Slick Mechanic: Dark Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 90ACB6D3-FB96-4A41-8A4E-D7328BEBB4D7.jpeg Blink Visor: Black Accessory 80 613AC446-3454-4CAC-AFBE-B8BB3FB9FAA2.jpeg Fur Pompom Hat: White Accessory 80 475F2DE0-D2D2-407B-A502-9B9CCA70C814.jpeg Side Bang Extensions: Yellow Accessory 80 23190B66-7F97-4F3F-8322-CE79C4673FE3.jpeg Yoshino Tefura Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 BCD850A6-F157-4016-B73D-DCA0FAF86141.jpeg Yoshino Tefura Hair Hairstyle 160 5C94193F-5A75-4C37-9178-B6AE98FB4631.jpeg

Yay my fur hat! 😍 time for cute winter looks!

Maybe worth mentioning, but the Yoshino Tefura Hair here fades darker slightly at the edges but isn't a normal gradient hairstyle. If you want one that shows your secondary hair color, there's a #2 variant that does that, but who knows if we'll see it anytime soon.

Here's a preview of that hair with Beast Face:

pso20201130_145518_000.jpg pso20201130_145624_001.jpg

!Today's dailies! 12/1

Blan-Ket Cape Accessory 160 2EF6F94C-DD16-48CC-887E-94E5D7E68A60.jpeg Sagacious Waistcoat Enigma Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 AC50C2B1-70AF-4C5F-B8BC-7D93A01A0237.jpeg Sagacious hair B Hairstyle 160 E5723C75-0CC0-4BD8-A09F-353D6DBBA07B.jpeg Sagacious Earrings B Accessory 80 414F087F-DDFE-400D-B50C-09F58EC83DC2.jpeg Calceolaria Tiara Accessory 80

Calceolaria Blades Accessory 160

Calceolaria Thrusters Accessory 160 5CE67F68-0649-463D-8C66-252E87835C47.jpeg

Not sure about that blanket but it certainly looks interesting. Man am I ever going to see another Sunny Snowfall color variation? We’ve only had Sun as an alternative color, I really hope to see Ruby or Sakura, if those exist.

@Milk here are the different colors 4C1CFED9-9968-4168-B07C-97A1D3FB0BE7.jpeg Also if it does show up I will try and tag you here


Bless you as always. I need those dark colors! Oh no there’s never enough SG.

@SaviorZero82 said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

@Milk here are the different colors 4C1CFED9-9968-4168-B07C-97A1D3FB0BE7.jpeg Also if it does show up I will try and tag you here

o wow!! that red/black and the black/gray one looks really nice! i hope we get those... im gunna need more SGs B^P

!Today's dailies! 12/2

Punkishly Vivid: Shadow /F Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 D963756A-6B80-4A30-8C67-C731A2DF85A3.jpeg SP Belt B Accessory 80 F07B7436-ED9A-448E-AE26-E03E32A9EA97.jpeg Heroic Headband: Black Accessory 80 (Note this is animated btw) 7BA0D09C-E49D-45AA-A6D1-2EEBE3BD9875.jpeg Dazzling Hakama Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 632A43BF-1763-4771-9A6D-6594A5C7CB16.jpeg Ribbon Braid R: White Accessory 80

Fancy Long Ribbon Accessory 80 2D3315B9-26AF-42EA-8321-CF03A6FC3F9D.jpeg Winged Long Hair Hairstyle 160 3AD4561C-3A78-4EC1-89F6-7B964A97FAE9.jpeg

Oh god I need that hakama! I was hoping it wouldn’t be cute, nooo!

!Today's dailies! 12/3

Sunny Snowfall: Madder Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 58447A96-4F89-468D-8F1B-0AD43084188B.jpeg Sunny Snowfall Ribbon B Accessory 80 7B917BA3-CD18-432B-A8B2-7D57EA8D6DDA.jpeg Sunny Snowfall Earrings B Accessory 80 8C72CC6B-94BB-4BBF-9179-A6E32C6A28B4.jpeg Hiking Boots: Grey Accessory 80 DB094CDE-8D0D-42DE-9A49-11C41C8A47D0.jpeg Heavenly Raiment B Accessory 160 FB091447-95B3-43BE-A70E-3AFE966C4351.jpeg Lilli-Pal Accessory 80 B3899697-6A06-4D8A-BD2E-9E1D3C01C156.jpeg

Ugh oh god it’s so cute!

@Milk I know it’s cuz of the eyes right FE39A0F5-40B1-4025-9F3D-18380B48A132.jpeg