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Just a reminder that this week's Mission Pass Tier Missions will be rewarding double points. Most likely in part due to time constraints for Season 10.

!Today's dailies! 11/26 Happy thanksgiving to you all and for anyone like myself and my wife that have a birthday today HAPPY DING DAY!!

63: Animal Emote 100

Sunny Snowfall Ribbon Accessory 80 CCDD5D2D-A439-4DAA-AEE7-0126A4E54115.jpeg Sunny Snowfall: Sun Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 327CACEE-089C-4042-897B-82C07EC9A5E6.jpeg Sunny Snowfall Earrings Accessory 80 20AA2CA7-FD0F-4CA8-B663-9CFC1C1B330F.jpeg Blindfold Accessory 80 2253CFF4-4201-4E66-8F67-43F5459F360E.jpeg Goron Pillars Accessory 160 13363774-A063-4683-AC06-6CFD841AB774.jpeg

i really like the dress from the back... but from the front it reminds me of octoberfest for some reason B^( its like the front dont really match the asian look the back has

I wasn't sure about getting the Animal emote, but when I realized the female version was basically caramelldansen I had to get it.

I hope I can get it before it resets 😞

Lots of good emotes in the last few rotations! pso20201126_233938_000.jpg

I managed to get it! Phew! I’m a little bummed it doesn’t loop though.

@Milk We need to get a GM or CM to ask the JP devs for Emote Macros in NGS. Also additional C and D settings for Personal Quarters.

Here's the JP update stream.

Contains Sword Art Online content and spoilers for Christmas event.

And then there's another collab AC Scratch with a Rappy doll as an accessory.

I love to see the JP staff with their plastic masks, it's a cute change of pace.

!Today's dailies! 11/27

Bell Weave Accessory 160 2768DA8E-524B-4BB3-BEF2-F9A7B2C31CA8.jpeg Sagacious Hair Hairstyle 160 434240A7-B186-4849-9E4A-12DBAC9FACF1.jpeg Sagacious Waistcoat: Night Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 19B9CD88-8F08-46D7-BF22-2C45C4F54D4F.jpeg Sagacious Earrings Accessory 80 92574B04-729A-4751-8E8F-F479570E4164.jpeg 154: Dance 32 Emote 200

Ribbon Wrap Tights: Black Body Paints 60 D5A2267D-6BF8-47D2-989A-030F95CC4142.jpeg

I got the bell weave! 😊 pso20201127_163733_004.jpg

I got bell weave and the tights! Good stuff today.

!Today's dailies! 11/28

I’m not going to be at home much today so I’m using a stock pic for the outfit that’s out today, also from what I can tell the “B” version of these items are yellow instead of blue

Clashing Calceolaria: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 6837794A-0ECB-47DB-B72B-5641A0A24490.png 30455637-2AAD-4C76-8191-F0B01F66602A.png Calceolaria Tiara B Accessory 80

Calceolaria Blades B Accessory 160

Calceolaria Thrusters B Accessory 160

Calceolaria Tiara Accessory 80 D851CEC6-69F6-42DB-A009-6C093D46127F.jpeg Calceolaria Blades Accessory 160 A22AF71C-8BFA-4BB8-9C69-314A87FF8562.jpeg Calceolaria Thrusters Accessory 160 BDDB4BE4-46A7-4C08-8E79-F3984E4496FC.jpeg

I can’t preview the stuff for you guys since I’m still trying to get the SG but the Tidy Up emote(sweeping) is back! Also there’s a cute looking gold crown.

@Milk yeah sorry I have been dragged along to another family get together lol I just got signal so here are some previews for you all

!Today's dailies! 11/29

Cursed Coat F: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 6F21F009-C623-42B4-ABE4-6180FB8E1633.jpeg Golden Crown Accessory 80 7B5FF15A-037A-40EA-AAF1-8908B6ED2ABB.jpeg Squirrel Head-mount Accessory 160

Fur Scarf: Black Accessory 80

Casual Backpack: Black Accessory 80 F1E22D9B-8607-4A4C-A610-CD4C97CBC0E4.jpeg 187: Tidy Up Emote 200

Darn, wrong color of fur scarf. You know I’m holdin’ out for it! The crown wasn’t as nice as I expected, the texture kind of looks like playdoh.

But man Tidy Up more than makes up for it, now I can sweep in my maid dress!