Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings

Oooh, the Mechanical Cape fits the current AC Scratch capes!

It also matches my CAST... might have to buy that before Comcast goes on the fritz again.

(But then I'll be short 100SG for the next outfit rotation. 😥 )

Interesting how far forward they can be moved.

Hoping NGS opens more opportunities for accessory parts like this in Phantasy Star Phasion. pso20201108_165746_000.jpg pso20201108_170013_001.jpg Also, butt wings. pso20201108_170612_004.jpg

Gothic Maid Dress: Snow



Well that's it for me. Have zero interest in any PSU costumes that I see so far.

@Yalyn she looks like a doll, I love it 🥰

!Today's dailies! 11/9

Handy Knife Accessory 80 0BDB9796-3721-4894-8AAC-086AD573BA80.jpeg Grenade Belt Accessory 80 DCE344F7-F7C1-4740-894E-FD58034C0D8B.jpeg Gothic Maid Dress: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 D301997E-01AA-4BDE-8608-8E8B4A991393.jpeg Gothic Maid Tights Body Paints 60

Gothic Maid Brim Accessory 80

Gothic Maid Ribbon Accessory 80 648A0684-F56E-419E-99CC-F96AB278D3AB.jpeg

@Milk B23429AF-B73C-47FB-880E-8FC2605441A6.png

This is in the next AC I’m not sure if it would work for you but I thought I would point it out to you


That could work, thanks for letting me know!

I also got the snow gothic dress, of course. I skipped the cute punk outfit yesterday because I just had a feeling. Now I just need sakura.

Thought I should share the Mothership Scenery Pass with my alt on my B settings.

Makes my current A settings theme feel like a vacation away from the ship. pso20201109_161012_000.jpg

Coastal Scenery Pass, I think it was called. All Scenery Passes in this comment were from FUN Scratches.


  • Fresh Finds has reset.

  • This is the final refresh before the new rotations.


Preview of Twin Pigtail Extensions. pso20201110_010508_000.jpg

!Today's dailies! 11/10

Twin Pigtail Extensions Accessory 80 61B6DCBE-A6F0-417C-98AE-858F2E71EA38.jpeg Armored T15 Tank Head-Mount Accessory 160 499F5A21-FA34-43AD-8A9C-8754DE1AEA1E.jpeg Portable Armored T15 Tank Accessory 160 F82E8029-273A-4A03-B5DA-EDA02CE20A5B.jpeg Officer's Coat: Snow Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 E196CC04-990E-4087-8D48-113162294DB8.jpeg Trimmed Long Hair Hairstyle 160 CF832964-3BCD-4271-A2F3-27DBDBAD9F58.jpeg Officer's Specs Accessory 80 2E708E5F-0903-4953-B5E3-BD5744853A3A.jpeg

question about the officers specs.... are they all the same?? because i cant really tell a difference B^(

@MasterWimbley honestly I can’t ether, I thought one had the word ARKs on the side and the other didn’t but that’s not so, they may be slightly different but without me owning them and going to the salon and tweaking them I can’t tell you, sorry

PSU Collab Packs dropped.

Via the official Twitter page:

"We’ve seen your comments, Arks! The Beast faces & Ethan’s outfits are also making a return in the Daily section of the Fresh Finds Shop, so make sure to keep an eye out for those in-game offerings!"

alt text alt text

Beast face screenshot via Reddit user crisync96

alt text

If you're on Ship 3, I currently added the Gothic Maid (recolor) set to the Lookbook if you would like a closer preview.

I don't know when I'll reset that, so take a look while you still can.


[Partner Card Alert!]

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@MasterWimbley said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

question about the officers specs.... are they all the same?? because i cant really tell a difference B^(

Pretty sure, yeah. They've been running the items that are part of the bundles on their own quite a few times in this rotation, like I'm pretty sure the straight maid hair in the package has been in daily FFs like 3 times now.

Twin Pigtail Extensions Accessory is strange. You can only move one slider to adjust it, which pushes them farther apart. You can’t adjust height or anything. I like them but they’re not versatile like some AC hair pieces.

!Today's dailies! 11/11

Marywind Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 E679776F-3D21-440A-8B90-5AAABAB72514.jpeg Mary Hairband Accessory 80

Tail: Yellow Accessory 80

Autumn Leaf Studs: Silver Accessory 80 AAFD9157-B26A-4A9B-83B0-F844C0939241.jpeg Mirei Hair Hairstyle 160 63363FB4-2B69-4995-8207-998E69A5D7C7.jpeg Freed Piercing Gaze: Black Flame Accessory 160 7282A4B0-60E1-4452-926A-27C52FA65E79.jpeg Skull Bandana Mask A Accessory 80 91D4DC48-DAC5-4BBA-84B7-15D77AA96FE3.jpeg

I have to say, PSO2 has enough collab items for SEGA to outdo Fortnite when it comes to a cultured fanbase.