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Do any of you recall a Fresh Finds sword on your back? I’m having no luck finding one from AC so curious about FF. I couldn’t alter my floating blades into a single sword. That scabbard would be perfect if it wasn’t a belt.

@Milk not that I recall there was the 2 swords that went on you hip but I don’t recall a back one


Darn. 😞 Thanks anyway. I’m really surprised this doesn’t seem to exist at least on NA.

@Milk Soul Blade Yukihime is a sword/katana weapon camo that's a back-sheathed katana, but if you're not a class that can use one of those that won't be of much help.

But I don't think there's anything that would be a single large sword you could place on your back for now, Floating Blades seems like it'd be the closest but you're forced to have two there.


Yeah I couldn’t use it so I sold it. I’ve tried every whichway to make Floating Blades work, you just can’t meld them together like many accessories. Right now I just have them crossed on my back. It’s a real shame.

he he every time i see that Trainee Uniform i think high school band uniform B^)

Showing off today's Gothic Maid Dress: Night with quite a few accessories from Fresh Finds.

pso20201106_012402_001.jpg pso20201106_012932_002.jpg pso20201106_013241_004.jpg

Thank god my star monies are safe for once this week. The FF has been so good lately!

!Today's dailies! 11/6

Bodyguard Belt Accessory 80 40E80033-A540-4BF4-AD46-087929FB2814.jpeg Gas Mask C Accessory 80 70F8B545-4B7C-4206-A4BE-76ECE9F4AABC.jpeg Gothic Maid Dress: Night Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 F5827254-F17C-4008-8782-16DD24DF7EA9.jpeg Fox Mask C Accessory 80 C60FB485-F9DD-4FFC-8752-B287182EACE6.jpeg Gothic Maid Tights Body Paints 60

Gothic Maid Brim Accessory 80

Gothic Maid Ribbon Accessory 80 680D82CB-E6E1-438B-B985-539F7FD18B4C.jpeg

Sega, you're going to deplete my sg reserves at this rate lol.

There’s a nice side piece hair in FF right now that’s black. I hope they release a white or silver version!

!Today's dailies! 11/7

Bunny Ribbon: Black Accessory 80 056FE08D-1A86-47DF-A43A-9F89822F5A1F.jpeg Frilly Apron Accessory 160 F23E7BA7-6E38-48F5-8997-3BBFA697C218.jpeg Trimmed Long Hair Hairstyle 160 C45443B5-82DB-4FEE-8F3B-540300FF0D07.jpeg Officer's Specs Accessory 80

Party Makeup: Purple Face Paint 60

B0F53CBA-281D-4A8B-95E2-9FE702F9BD07.jpeg Side Bang Extensions: Black Accessory 80 D5DF490F-9FD0-4032-8113-9694BD7A3DF5.jpeg

Since I already have these two outfits-

Punkishly Vivid:



Officer's Coat: Ruby:



@Yalyn as always awesome pics ^^

!Today's dailies! 11/8

Mechanical Cape Accessory 160 E027E289-495A-4063-B07B-71135824D3E2.jpeg Officer's Coat: Ruby Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 B43333E9-2BA5-4B29-B2E8-FE5926B5FEDF.jpeg Punkishly Vivid Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 6178A2D9-5DEA-42CE-80F6-DD554914E78D.jpeg Shoulder Wings F Accessory 60

Bite-o'-Burger Accessory 80

Anchor Necklace: Gold Accessory 80 CE369EAD-DA35-4341-9DB8-608615C01693.jpeg