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Devilish maid is all I’ve ever wanted in a maid outfit. Holy cow!

I am liking the new system.

@Akonyl Unlikely they will ever be gone forever. Past Fresh Finds cosmetics are usually made available again or are on PSO2es.

Fresh Finds has reset. You can get the Trimmed Long Hair without purchasing an entire Gothic Maid Dress pack. pso20201029_020359_000.jpg

[Reminder: this is indeed a Unisex hairstyle for both Male and Female characters.]

pso20201029_021747_002.jpg pso20201029_021741_001.jpg

pso20201029_022108_003.jpg pso20201029_022112_004.jpg

New recolor of Xaio's outfit in what appears to be Black and Snow/Sky teased in JP via Mission Pass, along with a GRIDMAN collab.

Also JP teased new shoes accessory, new AC Scratch items. (Return of Miku collab in JP.)

@Milk said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

It says that the maid package certain items can’t be used by my current character(CAST girl), is the outfit not able to be worn by CAST...?

It seems to always say that for anything that's a bundle. I think it says that because it checks if you can equip the bundle the items come in, instead of the actual items.

Shadow version of Tea House today, yay I might get recolors of the maid dress too, hopefully Shadow.

@MasterDarkwingz awesome pics

!Today's dailies! 10/29

Tea House Uniform: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 0BF24ABF-F591-41A6-A0E7-650B9C072D5B.jpeg

Breast Wings F Body Paint 60 4B1D44DB-DFB7-4978-8618-3C8E79091AAE.jpeg Leather Collar: Red Accessory 80 EE21EC8F-F298-4107-A225-8F2A077F76D4.jpeg Noble Scarf: Blue Accessory 80 6D050540-9FC6-44E8-9DE3-D88F9A75AACD.jpeg Trimmed Long Hair Hairstyle 160 74BE602A-1ECB-4EF5-95B9-3139A9619FB3.jpeg Officer's Specs Accessory 80 2DA7BF66-02C2-4304-A20E-03FDE6885F01.jpeg

That collar has some kinky applications, lol. I apologize to anyone who gets offended, I had to make the joke. That hair is pretty nice. I have some ideas for it. Not a fan of the scarf, but those glasses are kind of cool.

Bought the glasses. I like wearing them irl, and naturally I let my characters join in on it.

-Chuckles- My wallet is in danger!


@Anarchy-Marine it’s just what my character needed lol now if there were some handcuffs as well

  • Fresh Finds has reset.

  • Recolors of the maid dress set today appear to be a mix of Shadow and B.


  • [ARKS Trainee Uniform F: Steel is back in stock today along with Officer Hat B. Prior listing.]

Arks Trainee Uniform F: Steel

pso20201030_030855_000.jpg pso20201030_031232_002.jpg pso20201030_032155_007.jpg <- Decal location (Daybreak Sticker A, FUN Scratch)

Officer Hat B pso20201030_031419_003.jpg pso20201030_031425_004.jpg

Gothic Maid Dress: Shadow

pso20201030_031803_005.jpg pso20201030_031814_006.jpg pso20201030_032219_008.jpg <- Decal location (Daybreak Sticker A, FUN Scratch)

@Fiona-Respha said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings: ARKS Uniform F (Base color and Non-Dyeable) alt text

*Concept Art and Recolors

alt text

アークス研修生女子制服 Arks Trainee Female Uniform

A研修生女子制服 緋麗 Arks Trainee Female Uniform Glorious Scarlet

A研修生女子制服 清蓮 Arks Trainee Female Uniform Bright Lotus

A研修生女子制服 澄草 Arks Trainee Female Uniform Clear Grass

A研修生女子制服 円紫 Arks Trainee Female Uniform Calm Violet

A研修生女子制服 新月 Arks Trainee Female Uniform New Moon

PS- Griss set wasn't named Kuma. Opportunity for cute joke has been missed.

Oh, and more Concept Art history.


It's nice. I like it.

@MasterDarkwingz thanks for all of this ^^

!Today's dailies! 10/30

Gothic Maid Dress: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 DBE2E463-CEDF-499F-B78E-E00B63E5DF79.jpeg Gothic Maid Brim B Accessory 80

Gothic Maid Ribbon B Accessory 80 AB9BBA56-3FD5-4212-8042-7381AFF8FFE1.jpeg Grulf Mask Accessory 80 4325C2DE-7DF6-4E71-9DBE-2614FC8DB915.jpeg ARKS Trainee Uniform F: Steel Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 BDD797BA-3993-49EA-AA52-BC0E33B4FE59.jpeg ARKS Officer Hat B Accessory 80 B7C5C7B3-2849-427A-9938-FB03B7DFF9F0.jpeg