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@MasterWimbley same here, same here, also thanks for the pics ^^

Also the pics are Doubled up due to how Instagram keeps zooming in on my pictures and the only way to keep it from doing so is using their photo layout app just thought I’d explain why they look like they do

!Today's dailies! 10/13

Wondrous Treat Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 9C2BC72D-27C3-4B4E-937C-C4D9ED3B9628.jpeg

Spooky Hat Accessory 160 B2E83EEF-FB9C-4C08-9C04-7B04CA8588E3.jpeg

Halloween Rappy Earrings Accessory 80 03DC39F4-6376-4AC9-9187-AC2895640691.jpeg

Fur Bracelet & Ring: Blue Accessory 80 F6D03ED5-01FC-4443-9024-232D3B84DDD2.jpeg


for some reason my photo/image editing program was freezing up and crashing so i just used the microsoft photos and edited them that way... i would have had just merged a couple of pics together and made them all the same size and made them just look better all around but couldn't get it to stay open... once i get home im going to try and figure out what was going on B^P never had that happen before but also haven't used that program in a while either B^)

Did anyone else here the Nightmare before Christmas theme, This is Halloween in their head when they saw the Pumpkin hat?

@SaviorZero82 can cast use that outfit? because it doesn't say and dont want to spend the gems if i cant use it

I’m very excited for more Halloween stuff! Love the legs of that costume.

Never knew it at the time, but I'm surprised to see Froid Gallows was part of the JP Halloween costume releases. I wonder if there'll be any change of a repeat.

@tibblaye they should, it just says all females on the item description

Pumpkin skirt and a sailor style shirt? I don't even want to wait for a recolor!

Link to database for those who are more paitent.

ワンダートリート Wonder Treat alt text

パープルワンダートリート Purple Wonder Treat alt text

ホワイトワンダートリート White Wonder Treat alt text

ブラックワンダートリート Black Wonder Treat alt text

レッドワンダートリート Red Wonder Treat alt text

ブルーワンダートリート Blue Wonder Treat alt text

Concept Art

alt text

Wonder if I should hold out for a dyeable version...

@F0rmina-Sage There isn't one.

@AndrlCh Ah, bummer. Then I'll wait for another color.

!Today's dailies! 10/14 (repost of 9/30)

Waist-Bound Apron: Red Accessory 80 D24C4E45-BBB5-44CE-B8F7-94B16011F826.jpeg

Luna Prophecy: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 54BC3DA0-F866-4E74-8C15-CB26CF005810.jpeg

Leather Collar: White Accessory 80 5768B847-3EB6-4F25-B078-E04C7B18B488.jpeg

Patterned Scarf: Black Accessory 80 4EBF4073-8D86-46C2-9FFB-3C1B13867361.jpeg

Looks like repeats for the 2nd half of the month are an actual thing and not a mistake? I guess I'm ok with that, as I want to double use cat head-mount: black. But I think it would be better to just allow 2 purchases since not everybody wants 2 weeks of repeats.

My husband’s pretty happy it’s a repeat since he missed out on that scarf. I don’t honestly mind either, I spent too much sg lately.

Aww, repeats. Was hoping for Red Wonderous Treat.