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@SaviorZero82 Alright thank you!

@AxelYuki I haven’t forgotten you, I don’t own the pack that’s in yet, I will see if I can find out what I can ^^

!Today's dailies! 10/2

Noble Athena: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 0658D2FF-084C-41F3-945C-C739DDA87C2D.jpeg

Skull Bandana Mask C Accessory 80 4C1727B3-90D0-42D7-91FB-A33916293146.jpeg

Red Mini Crown Accessory 80 B1BEB7ED-0328-47EA-88A4-8194A414223B.jpeg

Belted Tome: White Accessory 80 918711F1-DA2D-4BA5-90E2-EA839D92D1A7.jpeg

The Bald hairstyle is now available today for 160 SG.

If that sort of an item holds meaning or importance to you, I suggest you buy it today before it goes away.

(Current Fresh Finds will likely stop rotating 1-3 days before a Halloween update.)


@AxelYuki ok so I talked to someone that bought the pack and they said yes the color does change to what ever your OU is

!Today's dailies! 10/3

Bald Hairstyle 160 11C6C167-F3B1-4EC0-8AB7-27FBFE238E5A.jpeg

Knit Visor A Accessory 80 A241AFEB-0059-41C7-B159-E9920914915A.jpeg

Sol Protector: Ruby male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 B7E8956D-3230-43EC-9E7A-C67BD275AA5D.jpeg

Blue Crown Accessory 80 9EEA19DA-39F6-44E8-97E8-0268C968AA99.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 10/4

75: Dance 15 Emote 100

Honey Jacket: Snow Female Outfit (No Cast) (Dyeable!) 400 0CDA9A25-1B15-4AD1-9B28-38671787DC4B.jpeg

Tri-star Earrings B Accessory 80 FD2BF23D-F37B-4337-B5E0-8B6E02A9AAE7.jpeg

Patterned Scarf: White Accessory 80 A379127B-55D8-4F8F-B424-65056C34800D.jpeg

@Violet yeah these outfits look nice but the colors are pretty bad especially the gray and black areas. The red version looks pretty nice and orderly though period not being able to color them is just kind of dumb, ah well.

turn your game settings up bro, that's not what highest settings look like for accessories XD

@Kurumi-Tokisaki and if they can't? Pretty sure most people don't choose to have any game look bad. But at least you got a laugh out of whatever version of humor that is, I guess

@Kurumi-Tokisaki I don’t have a gaming pc so I can’t mod it to look not outdated , I’m on my Xbox one X but all of my SS are coming off of the App on my phone, and on one of my post I was streaming to my phone and I said I’m sorry for the bad quality of these pics

@Kurumi-Tokisaki I'm on regular Xbox so the pictures I take and video I record are never going to be as good as on PC, so I can see why @SaviorZero82 's pictures might not look as good as you would like them to. We can't mod our Xbox like you can with your PC.

!Today's dailies! 10/5

Fishnet Lillipan Tights Body Paint 60 7340A9B8-DC68-4540-82B1-A0867A87CBAB.jpeg

Colored Contacts: Red (L) Eyes 60 4E7A0455-C673-43B1-AF85-A32D99393482.jpeg

Luna Prophecy: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 14BD551D-77D3-46D5-B1C1-C6FE6CFE3714.jpeg

Spiked Earrings: Blue Accessory 80 2B18E133-776E-4579-A20C-B5C31F682D4F.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 10/6

Wing Blades Accessory 160 DCF72B8B-E72A-4E71-87A7-D054028DFCC7.jpeg

Noble Athena: Winter Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 1A5FCB88-87E9-4BA3-B305-2E2E28543D4E.jpeg

Noble Tiara B Accessory 80 A03B4F08-EB9A-4E4A-B292-2D0463A58338.jpeg CE909C7D-B1BE-4ABA-9763-52B0E87364F4.jpeg

Star Chain: Silver Accessory 80 E7EF8599-CEB3-45BD-BCB2-4C6D2E146AB3.jpeg

Oh! Those wing blades look really nice!!! I'll grab them for sure after work. 😄

Nothing I want this week so I used my SG to finish mission pass, that new CAST gear looks amazing. I hope we’ll get more spooky stuff, so excited!

Noble Tiara B (ribbon part) matches Main Color, same with Wing Blades.