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@Fiona-Respha Does the tail move by any chance?

@Lwyu The tail won't move by itself, but when the character moves, the tail moves with that. Not a big move.

P.S. lol'd at the title change πŸ˜†

@Lwyu I'm not very sure how the Xbox Live is working, but if you can find the activity feed of a gamertag "Al Soure" (the 2nd character is lower case "L"), maybe there's a video clip dancing with Blade Tail πŸ™‚

Today's items!

  • Fancy Long Ribbon - classification: headphones. The color of the ribbon takes the color of the outfit/outerwear. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (fancyribbon).jpg This ribbon was designed as a set to the Dreaming/Dazzling Hakama series. alt text

  • Big Butterfly Wings - classification: necklace. The color of the item doesn't change. To me, due to its glossy texture, this item looks like made of plastic or something rather than insect wings. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (butterfly1).jpg Maximum size. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (butterfly2).jpg

  • Black Cross Eyes (S) - classification: eyes. Please note that the look of eyes varies greatly depending on the face customization parameters. I'm more than sure that this item looks differently on your character 😁 PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (crosseyes).jpg The L-size variation of this item was covered in the following post (

  • Close Quarters: Shadow - classification: male outfit (probably non-CAST). I didn't buy this item so just guessing, but probably this is the color variation NPC Oza is wearing. The thumbnail on the daily items show rather a white coloring, but seeing from the item details, the actual item looks to be a dark green color variation, just like the following image (or the one Oza is wearing). alt text

See you next time! Now I'll make a clip of butterfly wings, but not sure when it goes to live. If you are interested, please have a look at the activity feed of an Xbox gamertag "Al Soure" later (the 2nd character is lower case "L").

@Fiona-Respha here’s a link to "Al Soure" (the 2nd character is lower case "L") on Xbox live, I was having a hard time finding them via the Xbox app but I found them via the website thought I would help out and share ^^

How are you making so much stargems

@SaviorZero82 Thank you! I'll use that link from now on.

@Lwyu ... from Microsoft Store ...

@Fiona-Respha oop fair

Today's items!

  • Eternal Form Layered - classification: hairstyle. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (eternalflay1).jpg This hairstyle was originally designed as a part of female CAST parts set Eternal F series, but the hairstyle can be used with any race. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (eternalflay2).jpg

  • Edel Zellen: Sun - classification: female non-CAST outfit. As usual, the thumbnail of this item is showing a white-ish color variation, but seeing from the item details, this one looks like a black-ish color, the color NPC Io is wearing. alt text What the "Sun" variation of Edel Zellen differs from the vanilla Edel Zellen is the color of photon line. The Sun variation has an orange photon line, whereas the vanilla version has a light green photon line. Compared here. The right one is the default Edel Zellen sold at shopping plaza (at 1,500 Meseta) PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (edelsun).jpg In short, this Edel Zellen: Sun is an item for players who want to cosplay Io.

  • Waist Pack A - classification: necklace. The item color doesn't change. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (waistpacka).jpg

  • Leg Pack A - classification: necklace. The item color doesn't change. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (legpacka).jpg

See you next time!

Today's items. I skipped Demonic Lantern. It's not for me.

  • Aureole Haori: Shadow - classification: male outfit. alt text Please note that some people might receive this as a compensation. See the following link for the details (

  • Half Helmet: White - classification: hat. The item color doesn't change. As with most helmet like accessories, this item easily clashes with hair. Careful adjustment will be required. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (halfhelw1).jpg PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (halfhelw2).jpg

  • Fur Earrings: White - classification: glasses. The item color doesn't change. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (furearw).jpg Fur Earring: Black, a color variation of this was covered in the OP.

See you next time!

Most of this month's fesh finds aren't for me, so I guess I'll keep waiting for the medieval stuff from Episode 5, at least gives me enough time to save SG.

Ok I had to show this one it’s the Chinese Dress set comes with the Chinese dress and the Chinese Bun hairstyle Usable by all females


No accessories or body paint on D008C7BB-7D5A-4612-B028-E4252FFA0289.jpeg

Close up of the hairstyle

Note: idk why but the 1st post would not let me add this pic into it it just set a 0% the whole time