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@SaviorZero82 Thank you again for the color variation list!

About your image, it seems that the hat color doesn't change with the color change of the outfit. Is it of fixed color?

@MasterDarkwingz 3 variations known.

alt text Sky - link

alt text Shadow - link

alt text Ruby - link

These variations seem to have introduced with the main outfit color variations SaviorZero82 listed. Google translated it as crimson, but that color name is Ruby in NA. Also there seems to be no hat for the Night version.

Personally, I'm looking forward to see these color variations, but as they are not related with the recommended items, I don't think we'll be able to see them sooner. Probably it's in the same pace as we see color variations on daily items, at a pace of one or two months per variation.

@Fiona-Respha same I cant wait for the ruby one myself

Today's dailies!

  • Shield Wings - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The pink part of the item takes the color of the outfit/outerware. The item movement seems to be anchored on the back/upper torso. 18-06-2020_18-01-53-b10hjitm.jpg Max size. 18-06-2020_19-27-04-wjsfh54r.jpg This item is made of two separate parts. If we are to position these two parts wide apart, putting another item between them may help. This image is using Mount Arm. 18-06-2020_18-17-49-4a25twqm.jpg Besides, this blog was super helpful 😊

  • Straw Hat - classification: hat, 80 SG. The white belt part seems to take the color of outfit/outerware. Straw Hat

  • Chiffon Ribbon: White - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. 18-06-2020_18-52-04-saypraiw.jpg The color changing vanilla version was covered here (Fresh Finds - 21 Apr 2020). Black version also appeared on 29 May, but I skipped that.

  • Vivid Bandana - classification: glasses, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. Citing Soara's Blog

That's all for now. Maybe I'll add up something later for the Shield Wings.

@SaviorZero82 So, just making for sure, Candy Hat was a fixed color item?

@Fiona-Respha Thanks again, wonderful service that you do! I buy every pair of wings I can find that's affordable, being able to preview something properly is something so bizarre about this game that doesn't look like it's ever going to be fixed.


UPDATED: ok so after triple checking, no the Candy Hat does not change colors with outfits or outerwear, now the Candy headgear that goes with the Candy Crown does change colors based on the outfit/outerwear

@Fiona-Respha yeah I did not notice the hat change colors at all, I will triple check here soon and update everyone

hey, new to the shop, bought the wings, but don't know where they went. says sold out so I know I got them, but where I got them is a mystery

@SleeplessTea061 usually those would go in the accesories section of the fashion table in the game menus,or in the salon tables.

@Morgothryuzaki there is no shield wings in either of those spots. Do I have to activate it or confirm my purchase somehow?

@SleeplessTea061 If you got it in a unbound state,then yes. Under the same tab as where the 'mate' items and other consumables are,you probably have this little 'card' item(I have no idea how to describe it better,sorry). This is consumed and 'activates' the item on your character. Its always using the same name as the item you are going to get as well,so it should be easy to find. Also it could have went into one of your storages possibly. So i advise looking through that just in case.

@Morgothryuzaki thanks, had just found it as you answered, it was hiding in there

@SleeplessTea061 Well that's good! Sometimes these items can be a bit sneaky if you don't know where to look lol

@SaviorZero82 Thanks a lot for the triple check! I fixed the item description. My bad, I trusted JP PSO2 wiki too much...

@ARKHAM-CANNON I'm glad if it was of use. So, it's a bizarre thing... well, I kinda agree with that 😁

@Morgothryuzaki Thank you for the answers!

@Fiona-Respha Absolutely no problem. I had that kinda issue before so I figured i'd save people some time.

@Fiona-Respha I don't know if anyone has posted these yet but here is the Magia set from the gold mission pass tier 18. Included are shots of the earrings at max size, head accessory and hair. You can color change the outfit (which I ended up doing because it was too bright red for my taste). The colored parts of the headpiece and earrings take the color of your outfit.

pso20200617_204310_000.jpg pso20200617_204531_003.jpg pso20200617_204542_004.jpg

Today's dailies!

  • Battery Unit - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The gray part takes the color of the outfit/outerware. alt text This tweet seems to be using the item enlarged. This tweet completely offset the position to connect the battery on the weapon. This tweet moves the position further.

  • Ursula Replica: Enigma - classification: female all race outfit, 400 SG. Didn't expect they'll put second black color variation in. Ursula Replica: Enigma

  • Kraz Replica: Snow - classification: male all race outfit, 400 SG. The Snow variation has white color with red accents. Kraz Replica: Snow There's also a Winter color variation of this item with black accent color. But waiting for this variation to appear on the daily is a kind of gambling, I feel. Kraz Replica: Winter

  • Hydrangea Earrings: Pink - classification: glasses, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. Pink hydrangea flower enclosed in a crystal ball. 19-06-2020_17-42-20-0u5xccrx.jpg If we closed up to this point, we can see the small white lines around the flower are falling rain actually animating. 19-06-2020_17-40-08-u4n0szov.jpg The JP name is "あじさいピアス 桃".

That's all, see you next time!

@Meowsmix Thank you for the images! But as I said earlier, I won't handle mission pass items on this thread 😁