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!Today's dailies! 5/14

Dragon Yakata M: grace male outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 447AEF99-1E8D-45DF-9C9B-5FDDAF3B3044.jpeg Dragon Yakata F: grace female outfit(Not Dyeable) 400 712B3EBB-86B9-45FA-BBF9-1EE767CD60C0.jpeg Thin belt black accessory 80 241D3ADD-452E-460D-9A21-11F52C3D0A85.jpeg Merry pigtails hairstyle 160 F8F6AE6D-D63E-496D-82A0-61E40C9BD826.jpeg Hooded scarf A accessory 80 462857C8-3843-4265-902D-BC60BFEE4116.jpeg Cat-eared cap C accessory 80 5DA0395C-1CE7-43B9-B088-987A28E7ED66.jpeg Patterned scarf black accessory 80 D9E63930-CF49-467A-BF7E-097D2E66DB3C.jpeg Extras CA852245-89BB-4CCE-87B2-7F82C2F31C54.jpeg

Sorry about yesterday’s previews me and the family went to a Celtic festival and I was unable to do them

!Today's dailies! 5/16

Bunny Suit: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 DAA3F070-2D48-4867-9587-4D1EC7A3FF07.jpeg Tea House Uniform: Calm Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 3B947064-8C45-4F45-A512-1A35CB994F29.jpeg Bite-o'-Candy Accessory 80 2C2751F4-12E4-492D-A200-C57BF3A91A4A.jpeg Ta'clidya Hat Accessory 80 0F9528BE-15B8-44B4-A85B-274CD2CC233E.jpeg Ta'clidya Earrings Accessory 80 BE157BCC-7725-44AD-843D-B946176C0F51.jpeg

103: Cartwheel Emote 200

Metal Knuckles L Accessory 160 E18FF2BC-98C7-4F3E-8353-ACA5D5E40FA7.jpeg Extras E323C6F9-01AC-4E16-9B3C-18BDE131675C.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 5/17

Ta’clidya Robe: Enigma Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 92C70E23-4582-4FE0-A85B-38152980A465.jpeg Ta’clidya Hat B Accessory 80 60BFC39D-8280-47EC-ABDB-0B6DD6117458.jpeg Tiger skirt white Accessory 160 2F987A9C-F005-4DA3-A872-CFD518BF1CE2.jpeg Merry pigtails hairstyle 160 A262FDC8-AA82-4FB4-9FFC-AA56FE036363.jpeg Fishnet Lillipan tights Body paint 60 8F4316B4-93DB-420C-AAD0-4633AC7F4965.jpeg Rabbit shoulder mount white accessory 160 73D07F9E-0EE6-4D52-9FDA-272D2A47FBC6.jpeg Metal Knuckles R Accessory 160 28162397-1691-4E19-B3A7-A9646B4EAC1F.jpeg Extras 15561B1A-1EF1-470E-A150-46E778AB70B6.jpeg

JP Fan Guide contains accessory Cost list with the Episode 6 Part 6 NGS Engine Update.


Also found out through this fan tool that Sgt. Frog (Currently streaming on Funimation) had a JP collaboration item.

Thanks to this tool, I learned that I indeed have to remove the Leg Wheels in order to add both Shoulder Arms.

I'll just hope that Cygames agrees to an official SEGA PSO2 NGS collaboration deal so I can get some Finni CAST Legs.

(Or wait and see the new NGS exclusive SG/AC merch.)

On a positive note, I'll have 2 extra Cost free of the 18 cap for anything else I can fill in with.

!Today's dailies! 5/18

Bridal dress ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 AE6983EA-8853-4A05-B7F9-7353FD6D3A9D.jpeg Wedding dress enigma Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 5D632BFC-6C18-4754-B7B8-887DFEE73D4D.jpeg Simple ribbon black Accessory 80 32C3EF3E-3DE7-4858-9FB6-8EC4ED7EF9F0.jpeg Kam’dirahm Hat accessory 80 09F9B676-9E44-4B87-A368-56BCF31D1273.jpeg Himew Cut long hair hairstyle 160 DF9A1F6F-D909-40AC-B682-D05163CF5405.jpeg Lilllipack accessory 160 8C931B67-090E-498A-9CF5-88FF5138D770.jpeg Extras DF9CBB7B-7B83-4854-96A8-017FFB9D32B5.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 5/19 Model:DarkEclypse she is using the beast face just FYI (was a ff item some time ago)

Sweet Mary: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 14E5CFF2-4E61-4BC9-9DA9-02D12C3A87B9.jpeg Worldly Maiden: Night Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 88362C7F-3F15-42AC-A22A-1DF51FEC2F73.jpeg Tiger Scarf: White Accessory 80 CE54F242-72C3-4C57-9C5E-781295EDCE50.jpeg Ta’clidya Hat accessory 80 1162686E-83CB-476C-B730-40376946DDE3.jpeg Ta’clidya Earrings accessory 80 21A7C744-3CE1-4B1B-BFD6-0EF32F8D99E1.jpeg Leg Devil Wings: Black accessory 160 5B8F2543-A7DD-4C7A-BE3E-60F88E0E3739.jpeg Extras 4A2B4B5A-D13E-4C22-B7C7-7EC6EB192DC5.jpeg

PSO2 Comi has returned with a tutorial of NGS! JP Official YouTube Link

Well it’s been fun with the Fresh Finds shop previews but idk if I’ll keep doing updates come June, but until then I’ll keep doing them


!Today's dailies! 5/20 Model: Aika Tsube

Dragon Yakata F: madder Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 BD1A0792-3026-47EB-ABBC-1F77D0E44967.jpeg Dragon Yakata M: Madder male outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 7A6AF71A-C1B3-47AA-941C-DC91E60281C4.jpeg Forward wings hairclip water Accessory 80 BC085D78-098F-419A-AFF1-A9106AEF2392.jpeg Merry pigtails hairstyle 160 E0399327-1E77-433E-89A6-5BE02BE23091.jpeg Feather ear cuff R white accessory 80

Feather ear cuff L white accessory 80 BADA97EF-07EB-411F-AD66-C1BAB38E5591.jpeg nurse dress women’s outfit (not Dyeable) 400 E7E52870-7825-4ADF-82A5-A44985EAE8CA.jpeg Extras 2AFA6FCB-7924-4B22-8E5A-BC267D28933A.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 5/21 Model: AngelRequiem Body paints are Chest Hair and Bar Lodos Tattoo (past ff item)

Kam’dirahm Robe: Enigma male outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 B7AB8D52-2687-46E2-874D-09BABA3C183B.jpeg Kam’dirahm Hat B Accessory 80 96A064C3-CB8E-46B2-AB99-7EED12E00D9B.jpeg Power Chords - Legs: Red Accessory 80 A4CF7912-9B45-4CA4-B1CD-BA1D49659FED.jpeg kam’dirahm Hat Accessory 80 108B9721-789F-41BA-81CA-707AD9F6F038.jpeg Colored Contacts: Red (S) Iris Pattern 60 2E4738E4-CFD6-4D6F-A47C-763E220D3549.jpeg Fur Pompom Hat: black Accessory 80 35DE2EA4-0E26-44FD-B1A1-F9A78D35F033.jpeg Knotted Scarf: Black Accessory 80(sorry some how I missed taking the pics of this item) EC6F20E0-4B76-4BB6-B114-93613378F584.jpeg Extras 611A734C-2CAA-4B06-A7D9-A73017D342BC.jpeg

@Akonyl said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

Yeah, Dance 15 was what I was thinking it was but I didn't wanna claim a random # I wasn't that confident of.

Well, if it was dance 15, I'm pretty surprised because dance 15's shown up yet again today and we're not even on the 2-week FF repeat yet. I think that'd be the first time a non-recommended item repeated twice in the same FF cycle.

!Today's dailies! 5/22 Model: SaviorZoie (Cast)

Ta’clidya Robe: Sea Female outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 3AA6700E-5E01-4E7E-94F7-59E296FACDCE.jpeg Kam’dirahm Robe: Sea Male outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 236DCB54-1F5B-4FC2-907B-22D81762DD56.jpeg Puppy head-mount: white Accessory 160(happy puppy) CB01184C-84AA-45E8-8B1B-5E00E9615964.jpeg Ta’clidya Hat Accessory 80 C85F397C-B2AC-4C20-BA13-59D5519D9784.jpeg Ta’clidya Earrings Accessory 80 802D494B-7285-46AC-924A-86AE1BF03A6A.jpeg

75 Dance 15 Emote 100(repeat)

Horse tail Accessory 80(max size in 2nd pic set) 0BBBD1F3-0583-4776-ADA4-513EBE83CDCF.jpeg 6381F6B1-F7A1-4428-B687-9688223E4A17.jpeg Extras 2016A260-D09A-42A6-B0C8-21C4DDEBA25A.jpeg

Hey all I got some new for you, 1st let me say sorry about today’s post

and I will be taking some time off from the game aswell as from the page, I will probably be back after Sega emplacements the changes to the game or sometime in June , it’s not the game at all it’s my personal life there are a few things that I need to work on and I need to remove some distractions and put hobbies on hold for a bit.

Again thank you all


@SaviorZero82 Take care. See ya when your back