Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings



I'm so happy right now!! I got up early just in case, and it honestly was hard to contain my screams of joy to try and not wake up the whole house.

By the way, in case people didn't check, the FUNporium has new emotes. It cost 40 Excubes to get enough FUNpoints to buy them all. And they're all poses so it's really nice to take pictures!! 😁

Screenshot_20200809-075758_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200809-075811_Gallery.jpg

@Shinryu-M it was a long way, congrats!

Also, thank you for the heads-up! I haven't noticed them 😃

If they would announce this sort of things that would be nice, but....

@Fiona-Respha I found it the other day, and loved the pleasant surprise. I had been stockpiling FUN, and blew through most of it, lol.


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!Today's dailies! 8/10

Tropical Pareo Accessory 80 5EA117F3-A94C-484A-921C-1218C184E3AD.jpeg 3501E51B-068E-4C05-8EFD-6F0E62AAFBE5.jpeg

Bar Lodos Makeup Face Paint 60 08D55A1B-C344-41CC-88AF-8C04E883A097.jpeg

Bar Lodos Tattoo Body Paint 60 B056936E-463A-40E6-8D27-E1E78E01D415.jpeg 78B3FD17-7032-4ED2-B7F4-0D2E63A7A58E.jpeg

Passionate Bikini Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 25A8E654-1F75-416B-88B5-29FE89FD88EE.jpeg F55EDF0D-96D3-433E-B42C-8F4D38040C9E.jpeg

Is there a female version of the Bar Lodos tattoo?

@Chestnut-Bowl No. JP doesn't have the female version of this Bar Lodos Tattoo 😕

Can you change the color of the Passionate bikini?

@Silverocean No, you cannot. It is fixed-color.

@AndrlCh Ah darn! ok thanks for letting me know also thanks for letting me know about this thread! real life savor lol !

Does any one know when the Tropical Bikini will be on the Fresh shop or if its even a fresh shop item?

I saw it on the list and I must have it if I can't change the color of the Passionate Bikini

@Silverocean Since none of its color variations (Tropical Bikini is also fixed-color) are on Beach Wars' list, then it will likely be in the Fresh Finds Shop, but there really is no telling when since they don't every really communicate that info to us.

I second to AndrlCh's guess that Tropical Bikini will be on the fresh finds. If it was provided for the costume bonus, it should come early on, so I suspect we don't need to wait long for it.

Reminder Dailies reset at 4am est/1am pdt

!Today's dailies! 8/11

Evolution Device: Chark Evolution Device 160 83F4C16D-9398-4DC9-B212-F6C5595F27CD.png

Body Butterfly Body Paints 60 CD723F4B-0842-479D-9BE8-0C5085C41696.jpeg

One Piece Swimsuit: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyable) 400 8197F57F-FE82-4AB8-80ED-6C8DFD29FF84.jpeg B77C739A-E12F-4F42-9EA9-902898E9C1DC.jpeg Swim Goggles (Neck): Black Accessory 80 5368CC84-3AE9-4005-85D4-1850370627DA.jpeg 1CB3651B-DA6D-45C0-A91A-60FD7044CE5A.jpeg

HAHAHAHA That mag is awesome and adorable! I'm getting it for sure! 😂

8/12/2020 reset at 3am EST e25f04f62fa3f1b98a878d78b3c853f1.png

Tropical Pigtails. The Tropical Pigtails 2 is the same just no flowers.

pso2hair.jpg a70613b15c612232dec19447f8850958.jpg 6d9e9c48476ab0fce6ae5a382803b99c.jpg

Also, The big flowers change color depending on your outfit. 7da22ee162521480be8644f304ef4710.png 9acec84af61e8537e3da3110d9622946.png

Tropical Straw Hat d9a01dc39f512c735f143dd1c0e4c9e8.png 8d121b169ddc9e0ca9f7ff20eb1306c9.png