Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings

@Anarchy-Marine something strange is happening now. According to the announcement, Active C. Enigma/F was supposed to be listed on the dailies starting about 1 hour later from now.

But now, the daily items have already been updated and what we see are renewed items. Seeing from the reset counter, the daily items seem to have been updated about 1 hour before.
Enigma/F is NOT listed here.

@Fiona-Respha Ok, now that's weird. Also, is that emote any good? Sorry, I saw it, and I had to ask.

@Anarchy-Marine as usual, from Pahupahu's channel (

It's static poses collection, I grabbed it. But actually, I hurried mostly because I'm not sure if this item will be on the list for a full day. Not a good behavior, I feel 😦

@Fiona-Respha thank you kindly. If it's still there tomorrow,when I wake up, I'll probably grab it.

The way I see it, the emergency maintenance made the Fresh Find Shop skip a day and now we have the items that where scheduled for tomorrow.


I'll never be able to buy the Enigma camisole. Every time it appears on the FFS something goes wrong and we can't buy it. 😢

Reminder Dailies reset at 4am est/1am pdt

!Today's dailies! 8/8

276: PR Pose Lobby Action 200

@Fiona-Respha said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

from Pahupahu's channel (

thanks for posting this link

Athletic Swimwear Men's Outfits 400 6B8803B5-6FED-4736-B683-E696C9CF3109.jpeg 2C9BD709-3E80-4B76-A2CF-53C262E84F5C.jpeg

Swim Goggles (Neck): Blue Accessory 80 6A2F6C3B-4804-4F94-A8AA-C613DD5A1CD0.jpeg

Short Spats F: Navy Body Paint 60 40E302B6-569E-4F21-AFA8-1AFF564778CD.jpeg 15AE1EC2-B5EE-4FCF-8C22-E1A07D21B781.jpeg

@GHROTIC But here we are on 8/8 and the items were not listed! Now what?

@Anarchy-Marine said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

@Kyouko-Okita Check the news about the emergency maintenance.

You mean the news that I quoted in my post?

@Kyouko-Okita Yes, it says somewhere in there that the items that where sold on the 5th, the day the 2nd time the Enigma camisole was on the FFS, where going to come back on the 8th.

We are on the 8th and the items are NOT on the FFS like the notes says they where going to be.

This makes it the 3rd time that we're denied the chance to buy the Enigma camisole because they screw up something with the FFS.

At this point I'm livid, I have no idea how I should feel anymore.

@Shinryu-M I asked on Twitter and made a bug report post about this as well and so far nothing has been said, tho from what I read over on the Phantasy Star fleets discord the fresh finds did update at a different time last night, at lest that was what the chat looked like

An Active Camisole has been added to the Fresh Finds Shop.

Preview: pso20200809_021334_002.jpg

Merperson Ears can be placed in the ear area, and matches the Outerwear.

It's a perfect item for covering up the CAST ears, if it's not your style. Or, you can mer out in a bikini! Screenshot_406.jpg


@MasterDarkwingz I was just about to come here and post this ^^ thanks

@MasterDarkwingz what eyes are you using in that svreenshot? Sorry off topic

I apologize for the picture quality I was on my laptop and it doesn’t take as good of photos as my Xbox one, also The Fresh Finds store updated at 2 AM EST

!Today’s dailies! 8/9

Merperson Ears Accessory 80 SG E48B8710-E7F6-4C07-BF2E-5184FD607872.jpeg 4EAB91F5-1800-4310-BB3F-267457371F37.jpeg

Ladies Board Shorts Female Outfit (not Dyeable) 400 SG ABBEC491-5FB6-4148-BAE0-B91F1E6AD2FB.jpeg 969DFC74-3F06-4364-9078-07F868A2B3ED.jpeg

Active Camisole: Enigma/F Female Outfit (not Dyeable) 400 SG 1C31F448-C44C-4742-831B-CBA02BC3BAB0.jpeg 812D3A59-7624-4674-A03E-7A926598DA28.jpeg

Swim goggles: black accessory 80 SG 0559A507-748D-4718-9527-A3B8086006A6.jpeg

Innertube: Red accessory 80 SG FDDF9D51-FC1D-4E13-B590-69F9EB2EE5F5.jpeg 8897963D-905F-490F-89CC-798824E68018.jpeg

Seems I was too late to tell the news 😆

@Tri-Edge I guess the eyes are Concentric Eyes (L), which appeared on daily in June (this).