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@Nezia Nope, it is not trade able.

Active Camisole Series Detailed

This post tries to look at the details of various variations of Active Camisole series outfits/layering wears. I hope this would be of some help for you to decide which variation to pick (or not to pick at all).

Before going to the outfit, let's start with the accessory included in the set.

  • Active Cap A - classification: hat, 80 SG? The item color doesn't change. This item is included in the Active Camisole Set of recommended items. Speaking from the set price of 460 SG, assuming this as 80 SG is not a bad guess, I suppose. This item has a fixed black base color. Citing Soara's Blog.

  • Active Cap B - classification: hat, 80 SG??? This is a color changing variation of Active Cap A. Again, citing Soara's Blog.

Whether Active Cap A or B will appear as a daily item is a pretty tough guess.

Now on the outfits.

Standard Series

Active Camisole concept art

This is the base model of the series. There are four color variations.

Base (vanilla)
Active Camisole

Active Camisole: Ruby

Active Camisole: Snow

Active Camisole: Shadow

"/F" Series

A design variation of the standard series. As you'll see, the lack of the socks is the major difference from the standard. Aside from this, there are minor differences like the change of the lightning item on the pendant from gold to silver, or the change of accent color from yellow to red. There seem to be other differences, but I personally don't own the standard version, so not going further into the details.

"/F" series has three color variations.

Active Camisole: Winter/F

Active Camisole: Enigma/F

Active Camisole: Sun

Layering Standard Series

This is the layering wear (basewear) version of this outfit. This was introduced as SG Scratch items in JP, so do prepared to see these as SG Scratch in NA too.

The layering version lacks the pendant of the standard series. They made the pendant as a separate accessory item.

This layering wear also has an innerwear Active Camisole [In], but it's not visible from outside, so I omit inner in this post.

Unfortunately, SEGA don't keep the past outfit items of SG Scratches in Archive, so I could only gather images for what's currently available. Probably, SG Scratch is shameful history of the game, which they don't want to keep documentations.

[Ba] (vanilla)
Active Camisole B [Ba]

Shadow [Ba] (no image)

Ruby [Ba] (no image)

Layering B Series

This layering B series is the "/F" series converted to basewares. As with layering standard series. this series lacks the pendant. The current SG Scratch seems to have only the gold pendant as an item. Is there a silver version accessory?

B [Ba]
Active Camisole B [Ba]

B Shadow [Ba] (no image)

B Ruby [Ba] (no image)

B: Snow [Ba]
Active Camisole B: Snow [Ba]

B: Enigma [Ba]
Active Camisole B: Enigma [Ba]

This is the whole list of currently available Active Camisole outfits/layering wears, I suppose. If you see closely, you'll notice that the item selection is pretty irregular. Something available in a series can be absent in another series. I hope this list can be of some help for you to pinpoint the item you really want (and save your SG).


@Ally thank you for your answer!

Hm... so there are basewears for the active camisole series... but has anyone ever seen basewears on the fresh finds?

Well I bought the enigma variant as I don't care for the socks. Going to try and keep an eye out for the B variant though as the tank/shorts combo seems like it might go good with some of my outerwares.

Question though there was a bundle awhile back that included an outerware called "Tylor replica F." I missed out on buying this bundle by an hour. Someone had told me it showed up in fresh finds at some point on NA but I can't seem to find the proof on that. Did I actually miss that?

@Fiona-Respha Sega should make you a team member... Seriously awesome effort there, just bravo to you.


@Fester said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

Hm... so there are basewears for the active camisole series... but has anyone ever seen basewears on the fresh finds?

Exactly, I've never seen basewears up on fresh finds so I'd bet it's a future SG scratch.

Fiona says it "was introduced as SG Scratch items in JP," so that seems highly likely for NA. I'll wait for that one. I'll pick up the fanny pack though. πŸ–

@Fiona-Respha Super thorough! Appreciate the write-up as always!

@Fiona-Respha I really want the Sun/F outfit. Is that included in the Fresh Finds bundle? Don't want to buy unless I know what I'm getting....

@Dillo64 No, the one in the FF shop is the base blue colour. And Enigma is in the daily rotation. The Sun/F will appear in the daily rotation, so just keep your eyes open for it.

And the maintenance started while the FFS was still closed down, so I never got the chance to buy the Active Camisole: Enigma/F from it since by the time I saw it in here the shop was already down. This sucks. I hope they bring everything back after the maintenance ends so all the people who couldn't get the items today will have another chance at them.

On the issue where items from Airy Summer Dress Set was tradable. From the fact they closed fresh finds shop in hurry, we can guess that the items being tradable was not their intention. If so, then their next measures are rather predictable. Change all of the items already bought to non-tradable during the maintenance, and de-list all of these items on the personal shops.

On the item selection of Airy Summer Dress Set. Thanks to the complete item list from Katou, it's now possible to see that these items are replication of NPC Katori when she appeared on a 2015 seasonal UQ, "Beach Wars 3!" in JP server (for reference). Maybe we'll see a new event featuring that UQ after this maintenance, or the next one.

Personally, I'm skeptic about this item selection, making the whole set unnecessarily expensive 😧

On the layering type Active Camisole series. Well, I don't expect they'll come as fresh find items. But that's just my guess.

@Knight-Raime I don't think Tylor Replica has ever been available in other form than the SG Shop Sale. You can also check (

@ARKHAM-CANNON thank you too!

@SaviorZero82 thank you! But I'd rather looking for images from the JP official site...

@Katou said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

@Dillo64 No, the one in the FF shop is the base blue colour. And Enigma is in the daily rotation. The Sun/F will appear in the daily rotation, so just keep your eyes open for it.

Thank you for the answer! Personally, I feel we'll rather likely to see Winter/F than Sun/F, but who knows? πŸ˜ƒ

@Shinryu-M said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

This sucks.

I agree. This really sucks.

Speaking of my worse guess, I think they have already scheduled the lineup for this season, so they can't easily change the item list of the next day. But there might be some hope. We know that they occasionally make a day with only three daily fashion items recently. If they were doing this to make a room to insert some random fashon item, then they might use this for Active Camisole: Enigma/F. I hope they will show some thoughtful solution here.

Is the Agile Coat set all layered items or is it a single outfit? >>

Today's dailies!

Event progress 6/15. Even it was an unscheduled run, I was lucky enough to be in a excellent MPA. Now, where's the next schedule?

That's all, see you next time!

@Princesse-Jen Agile Coat is a male non-CAST outfit. Not a layered one. As a non-CAST outfit, it's dyeable πŸ˜ƒ

are there pictures or anything showing what all comes in the airy set that costs 805sg? I know what the pieces are called but trying to see them online has been a trial

Can't delete my post for whatever reason but found the pics in this forum. Looks like a recent upload. Ton of stuff for 805... i think?