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I personally think they look great with some of my outfit choices, but I'm also one of those players who's nearly filled up all the premium saved outfit slots because of how often I change what I look like lol.

Today's dailies!

  • 117: Fireworks - classification: emote, 200 SG. From PafuPafu's channel (

  • Blade Balloons B - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The item color doesn't change. Using multiple instances of this item will be a pretty standard use of this item, I suppose 😃
    Max Size.
    A trivia. The blades are in a spreading formation at default, but if we set the blue angle parameter at a very low value (and adjust other angles), we can set them to a bit more concentrated formation.
    There are following color variations of this item. It looks like vanilla Blade Balloons was a daily item of 30 March.
    Blade Balloons - Blade Balloons
    Blade Balloons C - Blade Balloons C
    And the followings are some images added later.
    I tried to use this with soaring blades, but the photon blades of the weapon are blue, I'm not happy with the results.
    At least, not so bad without photon blades, I feel

  • Cursed Hood - classification: unisex hairstyle, 160 SG. This is a hairstyle. It's like Cursed Layer hairstyle with a hood. The hood color takes the color of the outfit/outerware, and the color of hair is determined by the hair color setting. The color of silver metal parts won't change. This is the item included in the Cursed Coat M Set B of recommended items.
    As this item is a hairstyle, it has some limitations that regular accessories don't have. Please see the yesterday review and following conversations for details.
    Back side.
    It's quite hilarious that even after I wrote a warning about this being a hairstyle, I looked for accessories in the salon when taking these screenshots 😆

  • Cross Eyes: White (S) - classification: eyes, 60 SG. As an usual notice, the look of eyes will differ greatly depending on the color of the eyes or their shape.
    03-07-2020_20-09-56-cj1luzei.jpg 03-07-2020_20-12-41-21ccfnkf.jpg
    Aside from this one, we've seen Cross Eyes: White (L), Cross Eyes: Black (L) and Cross Eyes: Black (S). There still exists Cross Eyes: Yellow...

That's all, see you next time!

EDIT 3 Jul 2020: added a few images for Blade Balloon B. EDIT 3 Jul 2020: corrected the availability of Blade Balloon, thanks to The-Kotetsu.

@Fiona-Respha said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

Wondering why they didn't put blue vanilla version first.

Apparently they did. People who have it tell me it was in the Fresh Finds for March 30.

I've added a few image for the Blade Balloons B. Wishing I had the vanilla version... lol

@Error When creating "dark" characters, Deumans are special, I agree. Also, I appreciate the info, added to the original post!

@Sp1n-Kuro The hairstyle is gorgeous, what is it? For ensemble slots, I demand at least 50 for premium 😆

@The-Kotetsu Looks like they did as you said. Appreciate the info, corrected the post!

Damn, I wish I had the chance to get the blue version of those blade balloons. Really hoping they sprinkle in content only xbox users had access to at a later date for everyone else.

@Fiona-Respha It's the Tigerblade Hair from the current Konosuba crossover AC scratch

I just bought the Hood yesterday. I was planning on buying the Male set if It didn't show up a nice variant before it retires. But I am wondering If I buy this one and the set, wont that give me 2 which then can be linked to all characters? I might just buy this hood as well.

@ERICK001BC Yes, since the one in today's Fresh Finds is the same variant as the one in the male pack, it would allow you to do an account-wide unlock for it.

The blade balloons look interesting, but all my accessory slots are full, and I'm saving the free SG for buying up 10 Tiers I missed from this uninstalling insanity.

Working on the review...

@Sp1n-Kuro Ah, thanks! I'm personally not very interested in the colab items of that scratch, but non-colab items have some interesting ones 😃

@AndrlCh Thank you for your answer!

EDIT: @Error Great help 👍

mmm... Dark Eyes S.

Just to help out... @Fiona-Respha

Az black eyes sm.jpg

Removed the protector to make it easier to see.
And just like the other one, changing the eye color changes the look.

Az black eyes sm green.jpg

Today's dailies!

  • Double Cowlick S - classification: headphones, 80 SG. A hairstyle extension.
    Max size. At this maximum size, the item size is a bit larger than the medium sized Double Cowlick M.
    Double Cowlick M was covered in this post (Fresh Finds - 13 May 2020). Apparently, Double Cowlick L appeared as a daily item on 25th March.
    In my past post (link), I wrote NPC Katori is using this S-size extension, but the M-size version with its size shrunk down also works, I suppose.

  • Fluffy Afro - classification: unisex hairstyle, 160 SG. Citing Soara's Blog.

  • Dark Eyes (S) - classification: eyes, 60 SG. The color of the center part (the gold part on preview thumbnail) is based on the eye color settings of the character, but with a muted tinge. Error has posted fine examples before this post. Thank you!
    As usual, Soara's Blog is also helpful, so citing again. The last image has a comparison between (S) and (L) versions, which is especially useful.

  • Zoron Pillars - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The item color seems to be fixed. Zoron Gorall is the rare species of Goron Zran. I haven't noticed that the rare version has pink pillars...
    For this item, I suppose many of you have already saw the base blue version in lobbies or quests. The blue Goron Pillars was covered in this post (Fresh Finds - 29 Apr 2020).
    Here's some random idea, I thought about. Basically, the color variation items have identical 3D-graphics properties with other variations. Therefore, if we use this Zoron Pillars with the blue Goron Pillars, maybe they move in sync and we can make pillars having both blue and pink parts. Still, I won't pay 160 SG to experiment that 😆

That's all, see you next time!


The double cowlick was an instant buy for me to complete my Nero cosplay outfit 😄

Though it's a lot more annoying to adjust into this position than I was hoping, but with a lot of angle and size tweaks I did it.

Of course if they ever release a more accurate outfit I'll be using that


But I think I did well with what's out :3

@Sp1n-Kuro That looks good! Too bad Juno wasn't setup as an outerwear to give you some more options, but that's very close given what's available.

I picked up the afro. Too unique of a hairstyle to ignore, and I'm thinking I can do an Afro Luffy style with it, that chest scar, and some swim trunks whenever they're released.