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Thanks for your contribution once again. Those metal wings B definitely don't look as good as the original versions. The leg accessory looks nice for very particular character look builds.

About that outfit color change note: generally I guess the black areas cannot be recolered as I've noticed on several other costumes? The color change passes are too rare and valuable to be experimenting with. I hated my male cast color so much that I ended up just retiring the character all together.

Anywho, cheers

PS - do you really think it would be helpful if we rallied the troops to try to get Sega to implement a bigger preview window? At this point it is utterly ridiculous. I recently watched a PC stream and they don't have that problem. Also the zoom controls should be able to work as it already does in the personal shops.

I dunno. I think B works OK if your outfit color scheme matches it.

alt text

alt text

I've been wanting something to dress up my back, and this works for me for now. I really wanted to use Crafter's Cape, but that breaks when you make too many adjustments. πŸ˜‘

@bendomino I really like your style! and yes, the wings do match your look! πŸ™‚

@UnravelGift Thanks! I really do love that HUcast head. πŸ™‚

Looks good as always.

Today's dailies!

  • Fluffy Cat Ears - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The brown part of the item takes the color of the hair. Maybe we can consider this as an upgrade version of the Cat Ears accessory we have as a default.
    This item is a rather old one. And like many other older items, it easily get out of place when we change the parameters dynamically. As for smaller changes like the following image, it's easy to adjust. But if you try for greater changes, maybe you'll have some hard time. 02-07-2020_21-14-42-idkqoalu.jpg
    Please see Soara's Blog for further details.

  • Frog Corsage - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change.
    Frog Corsage
    Simply asking Google also returns many good examples (カエルコァージγƒ₯). See also Mu's post for further details on this item.

  • Dark Eyes (L) - classification: eyes, 60 SG. Basically I'll try all eyes patterns, but this one is too horrifying 😲
    Fortunately, Soara's Blog has an entry. The color of the center part (the gold part on preview thumbnail) is based on the eye color settings of the character, but with a muted tinge. Personally, I don't want to try this, but I guess there might be some decent demand for this in NA server. Please note that there must be the smaller (S) version of this eye pattern. Citing Soara's Blog for the (S) version too. In both of these posts, the last few images are comparison between (L) and (S), don't mix up which is (S) or (L).

  • Cursed Hood B - classification: unisex hairstyle, 160 SG. This is a hairstyle. It's like Cursed Layer hairstyle with a hood. The hood color takes the color of the outfit/outerware, and the color of hair is of course determined by the hair color setting. The color of gold-ish metal parts won't change.
    Back Side.
    It seems that the difference between the vanilla model and this "B" version is the color of these metal parts. In vanilla version, the metal parts is in silver color with pink-ish cross marks. If you closely examine the color variations of Cursed Coat series (Cursed Coat F, Cursed Coat M), you'll notice that earlier color variations have the buttons in the color of the vanilla version hood, Shadow and Winter model has golden buttons of this B variation.
    Not bad to use with Sid Schraedel.
    This is some bad example. As this is a hairstyle, if the hood collides with the collar of the clothes, we can't adjust it like accessories.
    Just to be sure, we still haven't seen the vanilla Cursed Hood as a daily item yet. Probably, we'll see it on the last few days of this season.

That's all, see you next time!

@ARKHAM-CANNON as for your P.S. question, the answer will be pretty long. I'd rather like to tackle that later (maybe tomorrow?). Is it correct to assume your point is, "if we say we want better preview, will there be a chance that dev will answer it?".

@bendomino nice work! Using two pairs of Metal Wings is something popular, but I never expected making a V shape accessory πŸ˜„

And also, this lights up a sad fact for us. If we want to make better use of B series mechanical accessories, we have to buy B series even if we have A series counterpart of the item. Headache 😲

EDIT 03 Jul 2020: thanks to Mu, added info on Frog Corsage.
EDIT 03 Jul 2020: corrected the description on the color of the Cursed Hood metal parts.
EDIT 03 Jul 2020: clarified the color change of Dark Eyes (L), thanks to Error.

I've been waiting for your post since all these look good to me, even the creepy eyes. 😁 The cute frog thing really makes me regret passing on that frog hat though. 😞

Edit: I knew it going in thanks to the item's notes above, but I'm hating how I can't adjust the Cursed Hood hairstyle. I just wish that back flap would drop instead of dangling out there as it does. It looks good on Sid Schaedel since the outfit naturally fills in those gaps with that bit of shoulder fabric. I tried getting a quick look together using Crafter's Cape, but to bury it under the dangly hood piece meant clipping into the character too much. Hmm.

@Fiona-Respha Can confirm the frog corsage is a fixed color. I don't know if this would matter to anyone else, since it seems like a bit of a niche purchase, but figured I would share that the arms and legs wiggle when your character moves and the accessory can be positioned to be placed to the left side of the head if desired.


Will any of these styles come back? Specifically the stuff that dropped before the PC release.

@HeavensApathy so far no, maybe a deferent color or style may show up in the FF daily, hopefully they will be back as AC at some point

And just bought that hood. I have the one that comes with the set, but a multi color hood is top tier. TY.

Azreal black eyes.jpg

I think the Dark Eyes look fine for a Deuman. But, that's me.

@Error Yeah I'm also a Deuman player and those dark eyes were an instant buy for me lol

Just replies, the main post is under way πŸ˜ƒ

@bendomino well, hairstyle not being adjustable is a kind of limitation we can understand the reason, still it's annoying indeed. With Crafter's Cape, wouldn't it be faster to have the cape over the hood, not under?

@Mu thank you for the info provided! I fixed the item description.

@SaviorZero82 thank you for the answer!

@Error @Sp1n-Kuro I see, indeed Deumans will have a good use of the eyes. I'll keep that in mind for future items.

@Fiona-Respha No worries.
Style truly is what you make of it. (And I admit, I wouldn't use them on my CAST ... it's too soulless for the general style. lol) Oh, and can confirm the color of the 'iris' is determined by eye color. (See above, the left eye is set to red, the other eye (covered by hair) is set to orange) But, it's got a muted tinge to it, as compared to most of the eye styles I've seen.