Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings

@Fiona-Respha Yeah the line up has been good and with that last one it's actually getting better. Plus it's always nice to see the variations of old ones come back.

Today's dailies!

The new COs of Independence Day Xia is super useful for people in need of Rising Weapons Badge 2 😃

  • 23: Show off Back - classification: emote, 100 SG. As usual, from PafuPafu's channel ( I'm 100% sure that I won't use this emote in my usual play, but I can't help thinking that I might want to use this for some daily item review in the future...

  • Ankle Wings: White - classification: necklace, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. There is a fixed color variation of black, and also a color changing vanilla version. Citing Soara's blog. Their post for the vanilla version is here.
    JP item name of this item is "ホワイトフットウィング" (White Foot Wings). It should be noted that JP also has an item named "アンクルウィング", which can only be translated as Ankle Wings. But the JP "アンクルウィング" is named as Winged Boots in NA.

  • Pastry Apron: Orange - classification: female all race outfit, 400 SG. Possibly, this is the outfit of the 3rd sister of Naura. I wrote "possibly" since it's not quite clear. Well, I think no readers will be interested at that point, so end the talk here 😃 Pastry Apron: Orange

  • Checkered Casquette Hat: Blue - classification: hat, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. 25-06-2020_00-45-34-pmtbycjz.jpg 25-06-2020_00-48-24-usdykeib.jpg The red variation was covered in this post (Fresh Finds - 20 May 2020).

That's all, see you next time!

@QuoteTaDaRaven @JCH979 Thank you for the images!

@Fiona-Respha Thank you again for posting these, it's very helpful.

@Fiona-Respha i got ankle wings: white on my fresh find shop, not the outfit colored ones

@psoslash You are right! I must have been mixed them up while checking out variations.


All right, fixed. Thanks a lot for let me know this 😃

And to all, sorry for the inconvenience.

That was the last "Show off body part right?" We had show off legs, biceps and now back. Am I missing one?

Anyone know if the other arms/legs/back emotes will ever come back to fresh finds?

@ERICK001BC based on's jp lobby action list those three seem to be it.


@RumTeam6 Eventually, most likely by the end of the year.

@JCH979 said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

@ERICK001BC based on's jp lobby action list those three seem to be it.


Cool, that set is done then.

Today's dailies!

  • Aurora Long Hair - classification: female hairstyle, 160 SG. Needless to say, the hairstyle of NPC Aurora. Check out episode 3 chapter 4 stories for the details. 25-06-2020_19-31-57-y3xddkne.jpg As shown in This blog, a decent one for characters who fit this hairstyle.

  • Granvina Dress - classification: female all race outfit, 400 SG. The outfit of NPC Aurora. Again, please see episode3 chapter 4 stories. Granvina Dress

  • Granvina Headgear - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The white part of the item (see the image of Aurora above) takes the color of the outfit/outerware. JP wiki lists three other variations of this, "B", "C", "D", but I couldn't check the difference out.

  • Ribbon Barrette: White - classification: headphones, 80 SG. It seems that the item color won't change. Looks like there are three color variations, white, red and blue. This is an image of the "blue" version of this item (from Game Watch). Ribbon Barrette: Blue On the thumbnail image of the fresh finds shop, the metal plate part of the item is hard to see. JP item name is "リボン付きバレッタ 白".

That's all. Maybe I'll buy Granvina Headgear.

@JCH979 Thank you for the answer!

@RumTeam6 So many times the question has been repeated so keep it simple. Only SEGA know.

EDIT 26 Jun 2020: clarified the item color change of Granvina Headgear. Thanks to Just-a-Rumour for the confirmation.


Good thing you can make the preview screen larger then

Ugggh, I love the Granvina Dress, but that would be most of my Star Gems (in which I once again kick myself for buying one outfit thinking I could recolor it when I couldn't). I wish everything wasn't so expensive 😞 I'd put it off if I knew for sure it'd come back, but with so many items, who knows when we'll ever see it again.

@Princesse-Jen wait and hopefully we will get more of the colors 043D2654-3D12-4BD5-984A-487E89B47BC3.jpeg

look here

I've been waiting for aurora's look to come out ever since I saw her in story! Fiona was right, the white part of the head piece is the part that changes colour! PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (2).png

@Princesse-Jen That's a point we have to take risk on our own 😕

@SaviorZero82 Thank you for the color list! Still I wonder about the possibility of color variations. I haven't checked out all cases so can't say for sure, but these NPC Cosplay series seldom had color variations, I think.

@Just-a-Rumour Thank you for the confirmation! There are so few remarks on the details of Granvina Headgear left, so it's really helpful.