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Today's dailies!

That's all, see you next time!

hmm, i'm waiting for Emilia: Sakura to come out... if it does.

i dunno about spending 80 SG on that ribbon. there's already a nice, long-tasseled ribbon available from the personal shop.

i did like the earrings from yesterday, though. i only bought the hat because i really needed some hats.

speaking of those, anyone have suggestions on some cute hats? it's hard to search for them since Searching is wonky on PC and to do it manually, you have to go through eveeeeeeeeeery single page of every accessory.

i'm also jealous of you getting the Frill One-Piece. it's so expensive...

Today's dailies!

  • Medium Cool - classification: hairstyle, 160 SG. This is the hairstyle of NPC Casra. If it were not 160 SG, I might have bought this. 21-06-2020_17-28-46-31gj2wyq.jpg He only appear in story quests, so we have to play these if we want to check the details in-game. Episode 1- chapter 10 "Incomprehensible Actions" may be a good place to see this. He appear as early as the Elder advent battle, but that quest is a bit bother to play, IMPO. Theodor also has this hairstyle on early episode 2.

  • Cursed Crune - classification: male non-CAST outfit, 400 SG. Casra's outfit. This is a special variation of male outfit Weise Crune, which is sold at the outfit shop of shopping plaza. The difference from the base model is a bit hard to see. What I could see was, Cursed Crune doesn't have the necktie of the base model and the long horn-like parts of Weise Crune on the side of thighs are omitted in Cursed Crune.
    This is an image of Cursed Crune, which is supposed to be sold today. Cursed Crune

  • Body Circle M: Purple - classification: male body paint, 60 SG. Please see Body Circle F: Purple (Fresh Finds - 16 Jun 2020), it won't differ much, I guess.

  • Double Braid Ribbons: Purple - classification: headphones, 80 SG. A hairstyle extension. The black variation was covered in this post (Fresh Finds - 7 Jun 2020). 21-06-2020_18-43-04-wzsjyvty.jpg I tried to used this with Miraseria: Sakura, but the ribbon color seems to be a bit off to me. 21-06-2020_18-48-39-mm0mts3r.jpg

That's all, see you next time!

@IfrianMMO Yes, I guess we'll see sooner.

@nvmvoidrayz With checking out currently running scratches, you might find cheap & nice items. Frill One-Piece was very cheap when I bought it.

@Fiona-Respha can't believe I only just found this thread now! Thanks for your work haha savin' me some precious SG 8'D

Here are pictures of the hairstyle, I’m using Soara‘s Blog For the pictures 69234456-AE5D-4B9C-A198-7E9D4BE85067.jpeg

And here is the Body Circle M: Purple

88A35560-E285-43B6-BB86-9C707F92D376.jpeg AEA8D5C8-C276-44A1-A94B-CD03DB583A94.jpeg

Today's dailies! Please don't put two UQs around this time...

Well, this is the last day of the current season, have you anything left on the recommended items?

  • Crafter's Cape B - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The color of the cape takes the color of the outfit/outerware. For me, this is a long awaited addition since the red fixed color version appeared (Fresh Finds - 21 Apr 2020). 22-06-2020_17-58-23-r2deflg3.jpg Back side. 22-06-2020_17-59-11-ivs00ntm.jpg A closeup of the supporting arm. 22-06-2020_18-01-28-y5ybec1m.jpg The true value of this item is its dynamic motion in action. I think this comes from the fact that the upper part of the cape directly connected to the arm and the lower part of the cape each move in a different way. 22-06-2020_18-39-18-4iziuqb2.jpg 22-06-2020_18-48-19-otprgbs5.jpg Please note that like every cape type accessories, this item easily clashes with certain types of weapons in sheathed position. Swords are one of the bad examples. On the other hand, smaller twin machine guns can be fit completely under this cape.

  • Ursula Earrings - classification: glasses, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. This is the one included in the Ursula Replica Set of the recommended items. Leaving most of the images up to Soara's Blog, I'll take a closeup image. 22-06-2020_20-24-22-ccb1uv4d.jpg The base color is metallic gray, with a white line on it. The back side of the item also has the same design.

  • Thick Frame Square Glasses: Red - classification: glasses, 80 SG. The item color seems to be fixed. I couldn't find a good image, citing an image for the black version of this item. We can see an "ARKS" logo printed on the rim. Probably this red version have it too. Thick Frame Square Glasses: Black JP item name is "縁太スクエアメガネ 赤".

  • Wrist Ribbon: Pink - classification: necklace, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. Citing Soara's Blog. There's also a color changing vanilla "Wrist Ribbon" item.

That's all, see you next time!

@Albert Glad if it were helpful to save SGs 😁

@SaviorZero82 Thank you always!

Nice, I know that cape is prob one of the fan favorite items (for obvious reasons.) I am just getting ready for these shadow packs though.

Ty as always.

Today's dailies!

I'm thinking about making a list of possible color variations of the recommended items around Thursday. Can't work on sooner, since there are too many things to do before and after the maintenance 😃

"Darkness" is the keyword NA server loves, or more accurately speaking, the dev think as such. That's what I thought seeing recent lineups. For me, today's items are something I might consider buying if I still want to buy them tomorrow morning 😆

  • Freed Piercing Gaze: Black Flame - classification: glasses, 160 SG. The color of the item doesn't change. It seems that the eye glows periodically. So usually, it's just black smoke visible, as I understand. Could find a larger image of the red version of this item. Freed Piercing Gaze (red version) JP item name is "解放されし真眼 黒炎".

  • Bat Wing Hairband: Black - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The color of the item doesn't change. The color changing vanilla version was covered in this post (Fresh Finds - 12 May 2020). This image is from Dengeki Online. Bat Wing Hairband: Black JP item name is "コウモリカチューシャ 黒".

  • Spangly Bag C - classification: necklace, 80 SG. It seems that the color of the item won't change. This blog has a good coverage of the item. The blog post mainly features the "A" variation, but this "C" variation is the one mainly colored in black. JP item name is "スパンコールバッグ C".

  • Gothic Claws: Black - classification: necklace, 80 SG. It seems that the color of the item won't change. There are 3 color variation of this, gold, silver and black. This blog has a detailed closeup of the gold variation of this item. The in-game thumbnail only shows the left hand, but it seems that this accessory attaches claws on both hands.

That's all, see you next time!

@ERICK001BC So you are satisfied with the lineup? 😀

I wish Cursed Layer wasn't part of that outfit set. 😞 Here's hoping it'll pop up as an individual item.

@bendomino Here are pics of the black flame eye accessory & claws20200623_091139.jpg


@QuoteTaDaRaven those are black? O.o I see those as grey

@Noctosis When it comes to armor plating, grey is "black" I suppose

@Noctosis As @zaffy2005 said the Gothic Claws: Black have a very shiny black chrome / black nickel plating finish to them. Hopefully you can see that in this closeup. This is at default size with minor angle and position adjustments.


Well on my armor I did select the black area above the white/grey so it may be a blackish/grey.

my only thing is I wish my red would've showed up