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Today's dailies! Extra clip can be found on my Xbox Live feed ( Soure).

  • 24: Show off Arms - classification: emote, 100 SG. Thanks to the YouTube video !(

  • Gothic Umbrella: Black - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The item color doesn't change. 03-06-2020_22-54-18-tfl1am2a.jpg Of course, the main intended use of this accessory will be the use with a gothic outfit. Still, an umbrella floating in the air is a weird scene. 03-06-2020_22-56-58-uprhiub3.jpg On JP server, there's an emote to take a pose of holding an umbrella ( When this emote comes to NA, maybe this Gothic umbrella will see its true use.

  • Checkered Hat B - classification: hat, 80 SG. The white belt around the hat takes the color of outfit/outerware. Citing this YouTube video ( The second item is the Checkered Hat B.

  • Concentric Eyes (L) - classification: eyes, 60 SG. 03-06-2020_23-00-06-mmuqelyw.jpg 03-06-2020_23-01-14-mxomal3w.jpg Please note that the look of the eyes greatly depends on the color or shape of the eyes. I've uploaded a clip changing the eye color with this eye pattern on my Xbox Live feed.

That's all. See you next time!

I was wondering about these eyes, thanks for the screenshot! Decided to buy them.

Today's dailies!

  • Knee Spikes - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The pink part of the item takes the color of the outfit/outerware. The color of the white part and the blue photon line seem to be fixed. There's also a white ARKS logo printed. This logo seems to be fixed too. The item movement is anchored on the lower legs. 04-06-2020_18-37-43-d4mzp23x.jpg Clearly, the image above is not a proper use of this item.πŸ˜„
    Added spikes on Alvida legs. 04-06-2020_19-29-50-rna0f5cb.jpg The spikes can be angled to the side too. 04-06-2020_18-56-56-sbhqu1r4.jpg At their largest size. 04-06-2020_19-31-08-itf4zcap.jpg The JP name of the item is "ニーエッジ" (Knee Edge). Hmn, NA name is better πŸ˜ƒ

  • Wedding Flowers: Black - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The color of the item is fixed. Wedding Flowers: Red appeared on the past daily item (31 May 2020), but I couldn't find a good example.

  • Wedding Dress: Shadow - classification: female all-race outfit, 400 SG. A color variation of the recommendation left-wing. Wedding Dress: Shadow

  • Butterfly Makeup - classification: makeup, 60 SG. I usually give a try to most of the makeups, but this one is ... 😲

That's all, see you next time!

@MasterDarkwingz Hope the eyes fit your character!

I'm still waiting for a male outfit 😐

Are the knee spikes bugged? They don't show up on my character after leaving the salon. I've tried editing them and then defaulting them, neither works.

Note: I am a Deuman.

@Thowzand Did you set them to Accessory Slot 4, and do you have your Alliance Accessory active?

@AndrlCh LOL yes to both! Is that an issue with accessories?

How do I rectify?

@Thowzand If you have your Alliance Accessory active, it automatically overrides whatever you have in Accessory Slot 4. You can disable your Alliance Accessory from your Alliance menu, or you have to use the Knee Spikes on Accessory Slot 1, 2, or 3 if you want to keep the Alliance Accessory on.

@AndrlCh Amazing, thank you so much for this.

Here is the Wedding Flowers: Black. Shown at default size.



@JCH979 Thank you for nice images. It looks great on your character!

@AndrlCh Thank you always for the help!

@DanLoveTa Maybe there are some items missing, but these are the male outfits I could find.
Close Quarters: Shadow - 25 Apr 2020
Aureole Haori: Shadow - 27 Apr 2020
Butler's Tailcoat: Shadow - 2 May 2020
Ultion - 5 May 2020
Jean Du - 8 May 2020
Civilian's Suit - 14 May 2020
Tuxedo: Black - 29 May 2020
Indeed, it's worrying they haven't put new items in recently πŸ˜•

EDIT: added Texedo: Black.

@Fiona-Respha They put out the Tuxedo in shadow. But yeah the lack of male suits...

@ERICK001BC Thanks! Added it to the list. Even if it added, the recent figures are worrying...

@Fiona-Respha NP, yeah I haven't seen anything of interest. Actually even the tac vest that just came out is rather ugly. Guys getting jipped, Luckily most of our stuff is inexpensive.

Update. Cyhadine Set is likely to be the JP "γ‚΅γ‚€γƒγ‚Έγƒ³γ‚»γƒƒγƒˆ" (Saihajin Set). From the similarity of the names, I think the guess is pretty sure, but please note that unless someone confirms, you are taking risks of buying an unexpected items if you buy the set.

That said, "γ‚΅γ‚€γƒγ‚Έγƒ³γ‚»γƒƒγƒˆ" is the male CAST parts set of NPC Saga. Pasting images from the JP archive. alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

EDIT: added body, arms, legs images.