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I was so excited to see Shoulder Arms, that I forgot they're account bound.

Hope to see AC Scratch Bonuses eventually make their rounds into Fresh Finds.

Probably would be a good idea to do that around the time of NGS Scratch, since PSO2 item demand will drop due to beefcake graphics appeal.

That way, users can still play for free SG to get those previously paid exclusive items and don't have to pay for the AC Scratch bonus.

(Something about Loot Boxes needing to be optional keeps sticking out in every ongoing ban case.)

Well, I'm not a marketing genius, so I'll just leave that whole timing decision up to the Global team.

(And yes, I'm fully aware that 160 SG for an accessory could easily double to 320 SG if it went from Bonus to Fresh Finds.)

!Today's dailies! 4/16

Little Devil Maid Dress: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 21E0D049-5AEF-4961-A87C-A9E3BDFEF80E.png Little Devil Maid Headwear B Accessory 80 B87E374B-BA70-4718-9C0B-EE69025EEC8B.jpeg Tiger Scarf: Yellow Accessory 80 A4A486B7-2411-482E-A072-BF25BC45B8BF.jpeg Little Devil Maid Headwear Accessory 80 D77B65EC-6AAD-4099-AA06-21015C1B8187.jpeg High-Laced Sock Set: White Body Paint 60 D0F305C6-EEF7-439C-9FE9-58065699A103.png Big Butterfly Wings B Accessory 160 B0CD6E5B-1206-41E9-AF7C-0349E04FA506.jpeg Extras 16442397-946E-469A-A5EC-13DC9850CB3F.jpeg

@l3g3ndq i just tried the code in general chat with capitol letters but i got nothing yet 😕

Maido Month! 😊

It's interesting how I joked about "wait until summer for swimwear" or "wait until Halloween for the CAST parts," only for those items to show up this month and quite recently. 🤣

Maid headbands and CAST parts... my NGS Accessory Cost is going to hit the cap quite quickly.

Not that we'll know for certain how Global's graphical performance may affect the finalized engine update.

The current pandemic market may lose quite a bit of users due to scalper prices.

Hopefully NGS will be finalized with graphical standards to the point it could be considered an "Optional Free Download Package."

Or however SEGA's tech department may market it for Global beyond the scope of an expansion.

(In other words, dinosaurs can still play base PSO2, but users would not have access to the NGS lobby. NGS outfits might show up differently as well- such as the PSO2 loading model.)

!Today's dailies! 4/17

Chinese Dress: Ruby Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 269585AE-75C5-47A8-93B3-228AEB237AC5.png Jinbebaoli: Leaf Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 AE22190C-AEE2-4901-95B1-3A6203D1A55A.png Restraint Mask: Black Accessory 80 1D33D392-9939-46A2-AB74-49CA06CD3A89.png Elegant Student Cap Accessory 80 078FB306-877E-4830-9D0C-7BF9FACB197F.png Agnis Tattoo M B Body Paint 60 D3125306-31A0-4BD3-A29E-2E8EFD05C0FF.png Agnis Tattoo F B Body Paint 60 9F4158DC-AC1C-4161-98B9-02B8F75088FA.png Extras 68592DB8-4684-47D0-804D-F9C2119031A3.jpeg

Jinbebaoli doesn't appear to be an IRL fashion.

There is, however, Jinbei: a One Piece character who wears his kimono in a similar style known as Jinbei.

Described by Idaseni Ltd., the Jinbei is a Summer Only style of kimono typically used for casual and festival wear.

There is also Jinbaoli Trail, a hiking area in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

So for all intents and purposes, Jinbebaoli isn't a real word, but an amalgamation.

There's your fun fact of this day's rotation.

A portmanteau, even!

Fwiw, the "baoli" portion is likely related to the fact that it's a haori. You won't get great results looking through google images for matching haoris, but if you check for the "virtuous haori" clothes set in pso2 they have basically the same model. Baoli is just haoli with ha->ba rendaku, and of course jp doesn't really have the r/l distinction. Dunno if there's anything more to it, though.

!Today's dailies! 4/18

Elegant Maidens kimono Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 CC6FD466-4514-4D0C-ABCE-8D909190098C.png Count’s Vestments: Night Male Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 50A3C531-0C43-4D46-BAE6-6EF71263EC36.png Jumbo Lily: Pink Accessory 80 AA576D5B-EEC4-4892-9D6E-E77C1CC042C7.png Peony Corsage Accessory 80 8FBA053B-97EB-41EC-B203-9539838410BB.png Half-up Loose Ponytail Hairstyle 160 7629C6D1-979A-419E-AEDF-C33213CBC146.jpeg Active Camisole: Shadow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 32104AF4-AED8-4D9B-9EFC-0AD131E76658.png Extras 2AFF54F2-D962-4135-A34D-5D7766CEBA0D.jpeg

Wait, so this means that previous spotlight items can return? 🤔

I suppose popularity really does pay off.

Active Camisole post

Kimono shape is cute but hoping for a different color

@MasterDarkwingz I still want the layered version so I can wear my Boa jacket with it

@MasterDarkwingz said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

Wait, so this means that previous spotlight items can return? 🤔

I suppose popularity really does pay off.

Active Camisole post

Wouldn't be the first time, we saw the luna prophecy: ruby show back up again a few weeks ago too, and I'm pretty sure one or two other sets also. Though, I think we've never seen a previous recommended item actually show up in daily FFs, it's only ever been a returning variant of the color (even this one is just Shadow, not the actual one that was a recommended item originally).

I’m not going to be able to post previews today at all, had a surprise family day today and I don’t have access to my Xbox, sorry all

Today's Rotation:


  • Little Devil Maid Dress: Ruby [400 SG]

  • Sid Schraedel: Winter [400 SG]

  • Power Cords- Hip: White [80 SG]

  • Little Devil Maid Headwear [80 SG]

  • Sports Sunglasses B [80 SG]

  • Cat Head-Mount: Tabby [160 SG]

  • Rising Weapon Badge 5 [36 SG] (Also available in Inferno UQ)

  • Wild Easter Trigger [60 SG]

  • The Malevolent Void Trigger [5,130,000 Meseta]

[Grind Alert! Event Notice:]

Beginning: 04/21 04:00 PM (America/New_York)

Ending: 06/02 04:00 PM (America/New_York)

Reward Distribution: 06/22 (America/New_York) (end of maintenance), via the Visiphone

Requirements: Attain Level 100 on any Class in PSO2 Global during or before the campaign period

Rewards: SG 100 Ticket (x1)

(per Class, maximum of 13)

Requirements: Attain Level 100 on ALL Classes in PSO2 Global during or before the campaign period

Rewards: SG 100 Ticket (x5)