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@ERICK001BC Oh thanks! Glad to know that! 😃

I hope they would conduct a survey like "What item do you want to see in fresh finds shop again?".

That would be nice. I might pickup the glock as well if they did that, but I actually want that 1911 that still has yet to come. Would be nice if we could move to the hip instead of always held.

@Fiona-Respha That Lanx set is for cast race people are saying but i cant find the jp translation for it. If you buy or can find any help would be ❤

I was going to write today's post, but got a timely question, so replying first! 😃

@ERICK001BC Not this one? (*アリアの双剣双銃)

@Y1-Mythoclast Lanx = ランクス, it's a female CAST set of NPC Fourie.

P.S. Now I just got a question about Lanx Set on in-game whisper 😆

@Fiona-Respha Duel looks amazing.

But I think the one I saw was just a singular one. Either way that would be bad ass. But yes both guns are 1911 Models. I see a little thing on them to that make it seem like they where modeled after the original COLT 1911's.

Before starting, today's item might need some warning. Ribbon Wrap Tights: Black is a female only item, Lanx Set is a female CAST only item.

Now, before moving on, may I get upset about the Lanx Set? When I pick the item from the list, the system asks me "This purchase might contain item(s) that cannot be used by your current character." where my female CAST character has no problem wearing them. They are making excuse by saying "might", which irritates me further. Selecting yes, then they show the item details as "Gives the following item(s): Lanx Series,「Lanx Head」". That's all? What I supposed to know from this?

Well, for a long time JP user, maybe it's a common knowledge that "ランクスセット" (Rankusu Set) is the set of NPC Fourie, but whether JP "ランクス" = NA Lanx is a gamble even for me. And I had to admit that I could see 80 - 90 % chance of winning the gamble, still I couldn't be perfectly sure about the purchase. I hope it was a bad joke, but no joking here.

Now today's items. I haven't put any extra items on my Xbox Live feed today, if I remember right.

  • Lillipan Head - classification: glasses?, 160 SG. I always hesitate to spend SG on Lillipan items, this item is no exception. Leaving this to Fourie! 😃

  • Mini Silk Hat - classification: hat, 80 SG. The pink part of this item takes the color of the outfit/outerwear. 19-05-2020_17-56-06-u0im2geh.jpg

  • Ribbon Wrap Tights: Black - classification: female bodypaint, 60 SG. 19-05-2020_18-04-19-vxbru0qx.jpg 19-05-2020_18-06-00-h0kz53rk.jpg

  • Lanx Set - classification: package for female CAST, 400 SG. This item includes Lanx Head, Lanx Body, Lanx Arms and Lanx Legs, all for female CASTs. This is the set NPC Fourie is wearing, so please visit her for the details. 😃 19-05-2020_17-47-30-l1eghyoo.jpg Although the item description is horrible, the parts set itself is a sound one and allows some interesting combinations with other parts sets. Frasia - Lanx - Alvida.19-05-2020_19-12-42-vxocltgr.jpg

That's all. See you next time!

Ty again!

Thank you for the thread and updates @Fiona-Respha . It’s extremely unfortunate that its fallen on the community to provide transparency into the items being sold in Fresh Finds and the direct purchase SG items. Aside from the egregious prices and items besides emotes not binding to accounts, the lack of previews has been really frustrating. I’ve been using this thread before I started cutting down my spending so thank you again for your efforts (and money spent sadly) you’ve done.

Ty was wondering about the Lanx. Question is the ribbon thighs not a returning fresh find. I could have sworn it was in during the 1st week which was also one of thise glitched tradeable items. I know i seen it multiple times with those pop star sellers.

Hmm... does free fashion items that you can use when you create character are same as in Japanese version, or I have to pay $$ for it and get it from the Fresh Find Shop?

@Chiryuu2609 The default fashion items when creating a character are the same between NA and JPN. The Fresh Finds shop only has items that were in AC Scratches on JPN (ie. nothing that was FUN Scratch as far as I can recall).

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@Chiryuu2609 The default fashion items when creating a character are the same between NA and JPN. The Fresh Finds shop only has items that were in AC Scratches on JPN (ie. nothing that was FUN Scratch as far as I can recall).

Sorry for my lack of konwledge but what is FUN? FUN is some kind of currency?

@Chiryuu2609 FUN is the completely free "currency" in the game (as opposed to to real cash only ARKS Cash (AC), and the freemium Star Gems (SG) which can either be bought for real cash or earned slowly in game).

One of it's uses is a Scratch that has fashion items and time-limited access tickets to things like the Personal Shops and extended Personal Quarters. So basically, the things that were in those FUN Scratches haven't appeared for freemium purchase in the Fresh Finds Shop, though some have been part of the Mission Pass.

Something I've been wondering about the "one purchase allowed" bit. Is that per account or per character? With three free slots a lot of people have three characters, what if you want more than one character (or Auxiliary) to be able to use the same item? Seems like a really poor business model to only allow players to buy one, especially as, if I understand it right, these items cannot be sold/traded so it's not like we can get one from Fresh Finds and additional ones through a friend or Personal Shops.

@zaffy2005 sadly the FF is pet account and the items like accessories are bind on character not account

Today's dailies! There's an additional clip on my Xbox Live feed ( Soure)

  • Winged Boots - classification: necklace, 80 SG. The white part of the item takes the color of the outfit/outerwear. The item looks a bit strange at the default position. 20-05-2020_17-47-33-sbielujy.jpg But if we lowered the position of the accessory, then it will crash with the foot. If you closed up, you'd see that the left foot of the character overlapping the boot. 20-05-2020_17-54-27-ql5wfmqw.jpg The item seems to be anchored on the lower leg. So, if the foot is facing a different direction, collision is inevitable. 20-05-2020_18-01-21-fzocordd.jpg Probably, not worrying about the collision, is the right way to use this item 😌

  • Lorette Beldia: Enigma - classification: female all race outfit, 400 SG. So, they translate the color code of "玄" as Enigma... Needless to say, a color variation of Lorette Beldia.
    Front.20-05-2020_18-06-54-mejnvymm.jpg Back. Sticker is shown on the back (near the left shoulder). 20-05-2020_18-09-37-1wc0zeqg.jpg The decorations around the neck makes the neck parting line of CASTs less apparent. 20-05-2020_18-10-45-oykkopos.jpg Black manicures and a silver ring. 20-05-2020_18-12-11-ohq1a3uq.jpg

  • Checkered Casquette Hat: Red - classification: hat, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. 20-05-2020_18-16-24-ram11ugs.jpg 20-05-2020_18-16-58-qqufbp5x.jpg

  • Monochrome Pretty Ribbon - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. We saw Pretty Ribbon in the past ( This item is a gray and white version. 20-05-2020_18-20-55-sybf5gfs.jpg

@OwN-xelfeR @Total-Sacrifice @ERICK001BC Glad if it was useful! 😃

@ERICK001BC I don't remember about the earliest days, but maybe Ribbon Wrap Tights: Red is the thing? It's tradable and has some crazy price tag on ship 1.

@AndrlCh @SaviorZero82 Thank you two for your answers!

See you next time!