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!Today's dailies! 4/22

Little Devil Maid dress: shadow women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 40092FDA378-0600-485B-9EA0-6297A445690D.png

Elegant maidens kimono: Snow Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 4006045BD59-E45E-4394-B702-53036D66A58D.png

Tiger skirt: yellow Accessory 160 7F4D937B-7CF1-489D-8248-E3D646C63B53.png

Little devil maid headwear Accessory 80 47F2A079-37FA-4DD0-8A21-539549D54AE7.png

Vertical curl extensions accessory 80 90208C21-7BAC-4783-BD5E-83DD0D2B37F6.png

Laced leggings Brown Body paint 60 B15BEE4A-2D47-4369-AE0A-6CCE30513DE0.png

Extras A4C3F489-D4E6-42AC-B6EF-A8AEFAAB9031.jpeg

@Akonyl said in Fiona Respha's Fresh Finds Shop daily offerings:

Well speak of the devil, snow kimono without the fur bowa popped up. Not the winter version, though.

woo hoo! but also that purple flower one is just wow!!! i hope we get a chance at that one as well as the black and purple. those look really nice!!

Good thing I didn’t get regular devil maid yet because that shadow one is a show stopper! Hoping for a shadow lorette before I buy snow. So many beautiful gothy outfits, I’m absolutely giddy!

!Today's dailies! 4/23

Refined maidens kimono enigma Female Outfit (Not Dyeable) 40048B31661-FFD5-4A1B-8B55-7833BB2103F2.png

Thin belt white Accessory 80 0B2F3151-7A09-45DC-89E1-6630B1678628.png

puppy head mount black Accessory 160 CC7BFB1C-7DD7-4C97-9F9C-B1D2BC8BFA4C.jpeg

elegant student cap accessory 80 D7675592-8995-4B14-983E-B4E9BE2D60DD.jpeg

Celeb hat black accessory 80 2FCF4476-9C7F-4677-8DC1-27F10955E2C7.jpeg

Active A accessory 80 66C9F230-64E1-4FBF-8DC9-440DC239C4C2.jpeg

Extras B77431AF-C8C4-4798-960E-64F27545DAAD.jpeg

Too many cute outfits, my god! The only thing even missing for me anymore is the return of the wedding dress.

!Today's dailies! 4/24

Refined school uniform calm men’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 D6C21C8D-A5FD-4373-B9BD-57F13FDE95BC.jpeg Pastry apron black women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 94BE4FAB-B57D-44B2-B842-69CF11BD1C1C.png

80 dance 17 emote 200

Peony corsage accessory 80 F13968C2-0DF3-417F-8398-AE69F4A01C52.png Drone accessory 160 8708C6EA-4CBA-4F6F-B9BA-3D5D261B3A92.jpeg Long sidelock extensions accessory 80 2E50F0F5-F2FE-45F1-8BB3-16CDFE84DE5B.jpeg Extras 2F2E7E9E-141D-4BC0-B8AA-1BBA72122220.jpeg

!Today's dailies! 4/25

Little devil maid dress: madder women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 @Milk 8D282753-5F94-4FA8-A43E-E206D1A6593F.png

Elegant maidens kimono enigma women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400945B77D0-4358-4208-B81F-BA8DBEB9B913.png

Pudding head mount accessory 80 D2D6696D-E0EC-4A67-B364-A83F6BEC5207.jpeg

Little devil made headwear accessory 80 2659F29B-2D72-41B8-BD84-012ED28BAE5E.jpeg

Simple ribbon accessory 160 D70EA1F2-602C-4CAD-B6A3-F475184F194C.jpeg

Blaster barrel accessory 160 1D721747-D91F-4A13-88FB-05BC7AEFB109.jpeg

Extras 8616DA19-00E5-400F-8FA3-0BFF73EABECE.jpeg

Pudding... accessory...

I like it, but where would I put it? I still have more Cost in NGS to plot out with Attendant Apron for that summer maido look.

(Already want to add in Ash's Pendant and Hitsugi Charm. Amel Waist Parts need to come back to my butt, I miss them. lol)

Ugh, and I have the emote finger movement to figure out later for screenshots.



Now if only I could move this higher, I could add it into the Shoulder Arms to make them look like they're holding something.

Might have to wait until NGS or Episode 6 Part 6 to find out. Benchmark could be new UI, so back to waiting.

Eh... On second thought, it's not as close as I would like.

pso20210425_175128_004.jpg pso20210425_175133_005.jpg

I'm rather disappointed by the head pudding's height and distance slider. (Which I have at maximun in the SS above.)

It needs more options, tbh.

!Today's dailies! 4/26

Jinbebaoll: Ruby men’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 FAF50753-E31A-462A-9B9D-F6C147C92A4F.png Short Chinese dress: winter women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 8E42A78C-6628-4080-863F-26DB8D31E1D3.png Jumbo lily yellow accessory 80 3B36C8FC-2BF0-431F-AD84-147EE733FE87.jpeg Elegant student cap accessory 80 D1F83ABA-D593-48B0-9ED4-A130650E7392.jpeg Teary Shoujo Manga Eyes (S) Iris pattern 60 EEFCF781-64A7-48BF-B6AE-2B3409EF5D01.jpeg Young students hat navy accessory 80 3EF31BF1-12A8-4DB8-8517-F8CECE5AE8E0.jpeg Extras 8D80D21C-7C60-41ED-8E8E-6DFDA6AD344D.jpeg

352 Kendama


!Today's dailies! 4/27

Little devil Maid dress: night women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 B37EB98F-81DD-40EE-9E1D-1A0DFDEC8972.png Sid scoundrel: Ruby women’s outfit (Not Dyeable) 400 540F6A7F-B801-4332-A256-DE9B17F7582E.png Power Chords - legs: white accessory 80 80B2058A-B347-4EEA-AFC0-B8D1959FCE64.jpeg Peony Corsage accessory 80 EC4CCE5E-9EF8-43DE-BA96-B3C9162BC722.jpeg Black Airy ribbon accessory 80 B5D8055F-2B5B-4D04-B2BB-83B2DED6137B.jpeg Reading eye: green accessory 160 992E7719-7C29-42A4-98F6-71AC8C22A66B.jpeg Extras 9C7F9F8C-4264-439F-8135-60DEBF984C0E.jpeg

Why have two Weaponoid scratches when you can marry them into one giant lot?

JP Weaponoid scratch recap.

Lethal Designs II arrives on Maintenance Day!

alt text

[Censorship Notification:]

Due to legal variations and Height restrictions, Opt Leon was more than likely removed from the official Global trailer as a means to save time.

Clip taken from PSO2 Station.

JP PSO2es collaboration/crossover event Official Footage

Opt Leon's official artwork from JP's 2019 Weponoid Costume General Election:

alt text

SS from twitter user @Sekumeto815

alt text

SS by Twitter user @Hoshizoraemmy and their friend Gin-san.

alt text

@MasterDarkwingz Smaller scratches equal a smaller pool, meaning an increased liklyhood of getting the cosmetic, or scratch item you want.

Also, reject humanity, and become tuna.

I want to put wheels on those Opt Leon booties. Then I can be a cool weeb with wheelies. 😆


@Milk its SPACE TUNA TIME!!!!