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I'd like to add simply that while I am not at all fashion focused, though lately I've been really want cowboy hat for my character, I do enjoy @Fiona-Respha idea/post. It gives an exposure that really couldn't ever be captured in-game. Even as strong a focus as it is in general.

If this forum had an ability to assign reputation points I'd heap plenty on you Fiona for the idea/effort/execution.

o/ =^.^=

Hear, hear!

So a friend of mine took a shot of the Count Vestments from the Fresh Finds F77B9727-BDBD-45CD-B5D0-76FD88F99E4D.jpeg

Almost pulled the trigger on this seasons offerings but after digging around the jp archives I think I'll be holding off for the variants ☺ though I am curious what all comes in the Sid Schraedel package..

Can cast use the sid schraedel set?

@Penndragon87 Yes; the Sid Schraedel is a fixed-color, all-race costume.

@JCH979 They show the contents of the package in the official blog post about the Recommended Fresh Finds update:

@AndrlCh Ooh thank you! They must have just made that post since it wasn't there when I first checked.

@SaviorZero82 Thank you for the shot! I suppose the wings are not part of the outfit?

@AndrlCh Thank you! I was well asleep πŸ˜†

ngl.. ..the Sid Schraedel looks real nice!

o/ =^.^=

Today's dailies! You'll find some extra images/clips here! ( Soure)

  • Double Cowlick M - classification: headphones, 80 SG. A hairstyle extension. The "M" of the item name means medium-sized. There are large and small variations of this item. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (doublecowlickm).jpg The Japanese item name of this is "δΊŒζœ¬γ‚’γƒ›ζ―› δΈ­".

  • Photon Radiator - classification: necklace, 160 SG. The pink part takes the color of outfit/outerware. The two blue rings rotate. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (photonrad1).jpg Probably, the standard size of this item is too small. An example of enlarged use. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (photonrad2).jpg

  • Bear Ears - classification: headphones, 80 SG. The base part of this item takes the color of the hair. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (bearear1).jpg PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (bearear2).jpg With brown hair, this item might look like chocolate donuts. Please check out my Xbox Live feed for such example πŸ™‚

  • Fringe Boots: Black classification: necklace, 80 SG. The item color doesn't change. This is a pretty difficult item to use. Firstly, if the outfit/baseware are wearing boots type footwear, this item is rather meaningless. Secondly, the default size of this item is set as to it can cover most kind of footwear. So it's big and a bit ugly to use as it is. We need to tune its size or position, but that can be a tough work. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (fringebootsb1).jpg A result of more than half an hour of struggle is here πŸ˜† PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (fringebootsb2).jpg I think we need to have some particular outfit/baseware in mind to use with this item. Otherwise, this item might turn out to be vain.

Then, see you next time!

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  • Double Cowlick M - classification: headphones, 80 SG. A hairstyle extension. I suppose the "M" of the item name come from the shape of the extension, and not meaning male.

The M in this case stands for "Medium" since there are also L and S versions of this accessory.

@AndrlCh Thank you!!! I've corrected the post. πŸ˜ƒ

@Fiona-Respha thanks for sharing again. I have the white and brown boots from the AC scratch and I can confirm they're difficult to adjust, but they're generally useful items for custom combinations of layer wear. However, I didn't like the color and design of the fringe boots, so I'll pass on these.

@Pandas-On-Fire Indeed, these footwear items are quite good to make our own twists on the clothing. Still, when I read my post again, I noticed frill one-piece + fringe boots were not a good combination at all πŸ˜†

Anyway, I'm glad if the details were of use! πŸ˜ƒ