Seeking clarification about triggering PSE.

My question is more geared for the mods to see if they can confirm or deny, but I am looking for some clarification based off the JPWIKI and old old topics from 2013.

The article didn't mention these items that seem to be either very popular myths or "common knowledge".

Elemental weakness matching. There is some information on reddit stating the rate of PSE triggers is impacted by killing the enemies with a weapon or technique that matches their elemental weakness. This "feels" accurate to me due to the fact that I almost always max a cross trigger on City Area (everything is weak against Light, all badge weapons are light element) when I am annihilating everything with Cosmo Breaker, but if I am the one cleaning kills on Forest, I rarely ever see a good burst.

Spamming Photon Blasts. There is an old wives tale about Photon blasts also increasing the rate of bursts. Again, anecdotal evidence says it seems like it does, but if that is the case, what is amplifying the trigger? The PB getting the finish blow, or simply their presence? (Asking because I switched to gravity well PB for more Cosmo breaker)

Rare enemy rate up. If you burst from this, is it better to keep progressing to new areas while annihilating the enemies spawning to try and trigger rappies/Tagi silver boy? While cross bursting on PSO2 day, I did not see any rappies really dropping by farming the burst in the same area.

I wanted to seek clarification before I starting advising newer players on "best practices". Of course I am willing to test these theories myself, but I would need others willing to participate controlled testing, which doesn't always work well with random groups.

Final thought: Does exit bursting still work?

I don't know what "exit bursting" is but a google search lead me to these patch notes which apparently meant they were removed:

@Mattwo7 exit bursting was the term used around 2014ish when you would trigger a PSE burst and then head to the exit way to the next zone. All four players would bring a ranged weapon and stand right on the edge, it would force all the spawns to a single spot so you could get the max amount of xp per second during a burst.

Figured it was probably patched a long time ago but was never able to confirm cause I couldn't get people to line up with me.

@John-Paul-RAGE That post said 2013/08/22, well before 2014. Weird.

@Mattwo7 that is also possible. 2014ish for me could be mid 2013, I can't remember when it was that I played a lot.

I think it still worked on city area after that though

Updating my Photon Blast question with results:

Ran several SHAQ with a group that had bo damaging Photon Blasts. Using them seemed to have 0 impact on the rate of PSE triggers. We only got a burst twice and never triggered a cross burst. Need to test it with a damaging Photon blast next.