[Ship 1] The Black Suns are recruiting! (Open to PC players too)

Join us on Ship1! The Black Suns are a very active Alliance. We are sitting at level 5 Alliance with our buffs currently at:

  • Attack Up (Level 5)
  • Defense Up (Level 4)
  • Earned Exp Up (Level 4)
  • Earned Meseta Up (Level 3)
  • Rare Drop Rate Up (Level 4)

We're a rank 5 alliance that has all the perks unlocked except a fully cultivated tree (A work in progress). We are sitting at 50+ members. I try to help keep the fun going so over the weekends when most of us aren't at work, We have a game night at the casino where Most of us are in a party chat just taking a chill pill from the grind.

We are always in communication with one another. We always run Super Hard Advanced Quests together. If anybody has a question, we always have a member willing to help answer. The officers are very engaging with the members too.

Join The Black Suns today and be a part of a very active and engaging community of like minded individuals!

This alliance is open to all active PC and Xbox players!

Message Midice Boss on Xbox live if you're interested!!

Im interested iTMcNasty is my player id level 70 hunter/fighter level 60 summoner/fighter on almost every night looking for a guild to party up and run shaqs and gear up with

@iTMcNasty I'll send you an invite

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Ill take an invite tag: zattyx in-game: zatty, 43 katana braver

I'm seeking a active Alliance. So far everyone I have joined claims the same. I play normally between 6am-830pm Eastern Time. I'm willing to give it a chance. I'll message them on Xbox now.

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I am downloading the game right now, I be on the pc? I like to join if welling to show me the rope. I bring three people with me discord is Kermit#3132

Looking to join, but couldn't find you online, new on the PC.

I'll love to join here's my discord BlueBoBa#8141 If you need to reach me

My gametag #BlueChris123