Website suggestion; Item Database and Augment guide

So I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but currently this game, even in the Japanese version, relies heavily on fan efforts to maintain item information. I understand this is a bit of an undertaking, but is there a possibility of making some type of item database like how you would see here:

Having an official reference really helps, especially since while certain resources like this: have far different names than the official translation here and there are new/changed items that don't match up at all with what's on their wiki.

To expand on this, some sort of official explanation of various augments and how to apply them would be great. As I've come from the Japanese server, I understand quite well how to apply these. However for new players, this system is incredibly complicated to deal with, especially with no official reference and all of the hidden mechanics with it. It would be a very useful resource and help newer players to avoid being ripped off in player shops.

Edit: For reference, I understand the manual has a small section on augments, but it doesn't go into the intricacies whatsoever (Ex. Souls requiring a Soul Receptor or multiple of themselves in the pool to transfer, Augments being in specific categories which disallow others in the same category from being applied, Augments that must be synthesized by using multiple different lower level augments, etc.). It's probably the most complicated system exposed to the player within the game and requires quite a lot of knowledge that can only be learned by outside collaboration or a very extreme amount of experimentation.


Agreed. A database with full, detailed descriptions would be very useful.

While it's still a work in progress this is the currently the only NA PSO2 Wiki that I'm aware of. Those folks down at the Phantasy Star Fleet discord are the ones working on it. They've got a lot of info on augments and most of the weps currently available in NA.

Would love to see something official go up on the main site.

Thanks for the link @SirDoodlesAlot !

I know I asked for something like this Ingame, But on the main site would also be a good idea. Hell I would love a companion App considering I always have my phone or tablet next to me.

Id like to add my voice to this request

Agreed. 1000%!