Infinite loading screen

I can get into the game fine, but when I enter the gateway ship and jump into the portal, i get stuck in a infinite loading screen. Edit: Looks like it's only for specific areas. So far it's been tundra and ruins.

Hello there! Thank you for your report. Can you provide us with a little bit more info?

  • What ship are you on?

  • Does it happen on all blocks? If not, then please list at least one block it does occur on.

  • Does it occur on any difficulty?

  • Which console are you using? For example, Xbox One X or S.

If you still experience this issue, please submit all info listed above in a ticket on our support site, so we can assist you further. 😄

@GM-Rappie It was on ship 1, i dont remember which block it was on, but deleting and re-istalling the game fixed it for me.

I'm having the same issue except I'm not able to get into the game at all. I select my character on Ship 1 and it loads infinitely. I'm on PC and have already reinstalled the game with no effect.