Rare characters

@Mattwo7 Yeah, but those are literally the only horn options available not using accessories.

@Mattwo7 yeah, that is the issue. All you can do is change it's size. Shrank it and equipped bulky enough hair to where it's gone.

They need a khimari broken horn.

@John-Paul-RAGE I usually just use horn accessories to get a look I'm happy with, though it does take some creative stretching and rotating.; for example, I used the Demon Horns accessory to give my male Deuman a curved, chipped horn:

alt text

It's definitely going to be a while until we get the accessories necessary to really get creative with it on the NA server.

@RagnarokSlayer said in Rare characters:

@landman Preference I guess . Human Male has balanced stats and female has lower physical attack but higher tech attack vs Male? Not sure but deuman kind of destroy them for atk . With Male having best physical atk and female having joint 1st best range damage. And focusing on tech you’d probably go Newman . I guess it’s people who want to be able to swap classes on the fly?

That's exactly the point, deuman are as balanced as human, but higher attack (any type) and lower defense (any type). Humans are more resilient than deuman, yes, but deuman are stronger than human.