Pso 2 play vr sorta not recommended

869C985A-680C-48FA-84B3-F359D3A9CCD1.jpeg I had a pair of avagant glyphs about so I decided to hook it directly to my Xbox and found out I can use the glyph head movement sensor as the mouse all I can say it able play Pso in lock view but it very hard to play there no first person view these where originally designed for first person shooter games like over watch

I kind of wish PSO2 could implement first person view. But it would have to conform with the height of the character. (IE: Guild Wars 2, FFXIV, etc.) Guild Wars 2 actually has an issue where Asura first person cameras are above their heads (same with FFXIV's lalafells actually.) Guild Wars 2 actually disabled their first person camera mode for a while until they fixed asura cameras.

FFXIV would fix theirs, but there are problems with having a too low camera in certain areas. The hitboxes on some stairs are much bigger than they look in terms of a camera hitbox. (Yes, camera hitboxes and player hitboxes are different in FFXIV.)

Not tested ffxiv on pc yet with this but I can since I got a latte panda alpha that could run ffxiv

Long ago a moder had updated for a time a means to play PSO2 in VR, first person view, and also other graphic tweaks like forcing far distance view of not only vegetation and other elements, but also mobs (it made a difference in Mine Defense quests).

Yea avagant glyph kinda dos split screens but not way you think it very horrible and stretched far out but I don’t use that

Hmm... Avegant Glyph reminds me of this VR headset I was given at a children's dentist in the 2000s to watch a movie while I was getting work done on my teeth lol. I don't remember anything else about that time, not even what movie or what dentist office (though I think I only ever went to that office once or twice).

I think they might of given them out to various company’s sadly it doesn’t exsisted anymore don’t make them only way getting these are eBay or amazon so if want try Pso 2 with avagant make sure set settings right