How would this class combination work? I was thinking of having a Dex Mag to use the Bouncer/Braver Mag skill. Thank you

Bo/Br is one of the worst Bouncer combos, period. Basic Stance is subpar (126.5% for no-charge PAs, 139.15% for charged PAs), and Precision Stance is very situational (148.5% on weakpoints for no-charge PAs, 163.35% on weakpoints for charged PAs) and does not actually work well with Elemental Stance since Precision's bonus only applies to physical weakpoints when it comes to Melee damage. Additionally, Enhanced Attack does not apply to Photon Blades.

For comparison, Hunter's Fury Stance gives you a ~176.09% damage multiplier just for making sure to hit your Perfect Attack timing and that is not even counting all of the defensive Skills it provides. The extra 200 MEL you would get from stacking the two Mag Skills is not enough to make up for that difference.

Noted, shame I wonder if the other way would work🤔

Bouncer is just not typically a good subclass, and you still suffer from poor multipliers compared to subbing Hunter or Fighter. To get the most out of Br/Bo, you would need to have a set of weapons with all elements, which is costly, and also becuase Break Stance D Bonus is main-class only and only applies to Soaring Blades, thus meaning that you can't just keep Break Stance active at all times. Critical Field is mostly pointless on on a Braver since you can hit 100% Crit Rate during a released Katana Focus state just by putting SP into Stance Critical Skills on both your Braver and your subclass Trees.

And again, the main problem is that the Stances are conditional, so you lose out on damage if you don't meet those conditions:

  • Elemental + Matching: 132% (138.6% with Shifta Air Attack)

  • Elemental + Non-Matching: 115% (120.75% with Shifta Air Attack)

  • Break + Breakable Part: 148.5% (155.93% with Shifta Air Attack)

  • Break + Non-Breakable Part: 100% (105% with Shifta Air Attack)

This is an interesting combo, I may try it on my next character. Currently Braver/Hunter