Recycle Badges not working as intended

After the last Maintenance we had I'd notice that I am not able to trade in the badges for color- passes anymore. Its like they lost their premium status as items (they don't have a green frame around their thumbnail)

Does anyone else have this issue besides me? Please Fix because I have 22 badges that are practically useless.

Thanks, ZeroGT

Hello! I'm sorry to hear that this is occurring. Would you mind submitting a ticket using our support site? At the top of this screen, go to the "support" menu, select "contact us", then "contact us now." After logging in with your XBOX account, click "submit a request" in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This helps us with documentation. Thank you!

@GM-Deynger Thanks for reaching out will do

I don't think that is the only issue with the Recycle Badges, as I just attempted to purchase to of them and they never showed up in my inventory, but I lost the two items I sold for them. Already put in a ticket for them, but if someone sees this and waits to sell their stuff until a fix is in it will be worth the post.

@Ranmas-kode if you have material storage look there