Text formatting problem: maximum risk not showing propery when enhancing armors

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (enhancerisk1).jpg When we enhance armors of high level, the maximum risk doesn't show correctly. In this screenshot, it's showing as "Enhance. Lv", but it should show as "Enhance. Lv -2".

If we set the text language option to Japanese, it correctly shows the maximum possible decreasing level of -2. PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (enhancerisk2).jpg

Well, actually we can tell the maximum level down from the color of the text, but that's a horrible UI, I feel 🙁

This is likely because, like another issue in the description of an item/etc. The localization team forgot to increase the size of the bounding box for the text. In the item/quest descriptions, some of them only have one line of text in Japanese, but have 2+ lines in English, causing one line to be cut off halfway since the localization team didn't notice it.

Well, whatever the reason is, it's better to have a fix. Maybe veteran players won't be affected much by this issue. But for newer players, this can be confusing I fear 😕

I'd recommend the localization team / etc. change it to

Enh. Lv. ↓ #

Where # is the amount of levels it can go down. The down arrow shown is an ASCII character, so it should work in game.

I think it'd be easier to just display "Enhance -2" or even simply "-2".

Think the patch uses "Grind -2" but they went with the longer word "enhance" for NA.

I'm not sure they can easily increase the size of the text boxes. A lot of those things are just hard-coded into the game.

Older pso games used grind in English...so I'm not sure why the change unless they aren't respecting their series anymore. 'you enhance by using grinders' vs 'you grind using grinders'.