Steelshade is a ship 1 alliance with roughly 80 members. I am looking for more people who want to focus on endgame content and are active social people. I'm not opposed to new players however, if you are active and social and want to join that is fine.

We are currently focused on running SHAQ's SHUQ's and gearing. I don't mind helping new players though 🙂 I am also looking for a couple people who would like to be officers. we are currently rank 70 in alliance points earned on ship 1.

When I started this alliance I mass recruited people due to the way the games alliance system is set up, That's not really my cup of tea. We have a lot of members but I don't have a strong active social grinding core (just being honest). So I am looking for people who want to help me rebuild my core, chat and have fun while we grind. I am a 75/58 bo/hu been here since CBT, and have a decent amount of knowledge about the game.

Add me on xbox my gamertag is SIferious or msg me in game, my PID is SIF.

You can search for players in game by using the visiphone, and going to arks search, and then player search.

Thank you for reading, and hopefully we can meet up, hop in a party, and grind some 13 stars. -Sif (I do have a discord but in game party's are easier imo).