Need tips on Spinning a New History (Ep2 Story)

A bit stuck in in this mission as I'm trying to defeat Dark Faltz on hardcore. However, his waves seem to be annoying and a pain in the butt he gets a bit relentless on the second part of the fight (where he starts using his shockwave sword to blitz rush me)

Using a Lvl 61/49 Gu/Fi build (able to easily do the other Hardcore missions but the ones with Elder are a pain). Hopfully some tips that don't involve me changing classes would be good

Is this the one of the Dark Falz Hunar fights (ie. Elder's humanoid form), or is it Clock Chicken?

If it is the former, then you just need to learn his tells and the spots where you can avoid him. He is actually very predictable once you get to know him, and you can easily avoid his attacks with your S-Roll, but it does take practice.

If it is the later, then getting a weapon with Blind on it can greatly shorten the fight since it can open up his clock and expose a weakpoint.

@TheChoujinVirus Then, like I said, it is just a matter of practice. He telegraphs every attack and for most, once he starts the actual attack, he doesn't track you and keeps attacking the air if you dodge. Learning your S-Roll i-frames is super important as a Gunner, especially against Humanoid bosses.