Text formatting problem: enemies with alias names missing space

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (alias).jpg The enemy name should show as "Fangdrake Catredransa" but lacking the space between the two names.

Again, this is a very common problem, but these kind of enemies are not very common, so I'm posting this for a record.

In the Japanese version, I believe they have a / between as well.


JP server never uses slash for alias names. They just connect the alias and the regular name, alt txt

or put a postpositional particle of "の" between the two name. alt text

There's a middot in between two phrases there on the first screenshot. Usually indicating a first/last name. It probably varies between the community translation and the original versions as well.

@coldreactive That mid-dot is part of Descente Draal's name (デサント・ドラール), not a separation for its seasonal title (轟嵐).

The translation patch uses a colon and a space. For example, the Easter EQ ends with you facing "Reborn: Descente Draal".

This is a pretty easy fix. All they have to do is find the text for the enemy prefixes and just add a space (or colon and space if they so choose, we felt it looked better that way) to the end of the names.

@Ilúvatar The fix itself won't be a difficult one, I agree. The main problem is that there are too many similar cases to fix, so the main purpose of this thread is just a reminder not to forget the alias case too.

As for the colon, if they were using more literal translation of the alias part, maybe the colon looked nice. But thinking of a few examples of aliases I know in NA (Fangdrake, Megazooka), I feel just a space might be the direction they are thinking of in NA.