Name inconsistency: auxiliary present - Food Device / Aptitude Mini

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (auxiliary present).jpg When auxiliary hands out a Food Device: DEX Mini as a present for raising their affinity, the system message shows "Food Device / Aptitude Mini". Please see the chat log of the screen shot.

These kind of inconsistency is pretty common, but the chance of receiving presents from auxiliaries don't come very often, so I'm posting this for a record.

thank you!! I was driving myself crazy trying to find it, thinking it was lost for good!

@thegeekyturtle Never imagined this bug report could help people. Great! 🙂

Anyone get the feeling auxillary is meant to be another word? What exactly is an auxiliary but a helper? Is it an auxiliary ark? I've no clue but if they are a partner or something it would make more sense