So is the maximum Mission Pass Ranking 35?

Because that's where I stopped at, so until I know that my daily missions increase the rank by themselves I just refuse to collect the mission point rewards from the current tier list.

Yes it is, and seeing though someone who plays the game a lot, you can easily get to 35 without buying tiers, easily, the only thing youd be buing is getting the items sooner than others.

Even if it's not new cosmetics, boosters etc I'd like to see at least something along the lines of after 35 you get maybe a Photon Sphere for basic and an EX-Cube per tier for Gold just to keep my interest in the pass going as it makes the last week of the month redundant for the Mission Pass otherwise.

i actually did some math in my head when the pass came out, I (along with most of my friends) thought you'd be able to sort of "prestige" the mission pass and go through it again once you hit max level; and by doing said mental math i figured that i'd be short by 8 tiers of getting the maximum level if we prestiged the pass. So, I bought 8 tiers using star gems, only to find out you get 5 more levels in the pass instead of prestiging it and starting from the beginning.

I'll chalk it up to a mistake and just move on with it, but I can't help but to be upset at the loss of star gems, especially since I've been playing nonstop and would have maxed out my pass a long time ago, if I'd known there were only 35 tiers, not 60.

^Thread with more discussion, but yes, maxed at 35 (I believe to as a sort of gameplay/lore reinforcement of max weapon level) and you can't get duplicates of all the cosmetics.