Free Trick Darts Achievement (Ship 1)

Get the "Super Exciting!!" achievement free in my room. You just spam the dartboard until you get the triple 20 required for it. It's completely RNG / random.

Do an arks search in the visphone by player ID to find me and go to my room.

Character Name: Sue (or my alt Shino)

Player ID: PN7326525394

@womackcn I just want to point out that before you select your character you can go into the support menu and pick change player name (player ID the PN###) the 1st time is free, just FYI

@SaviorZero82 I'm quite aware. I just refuse lol

@womackcn ok then you do you then ^^

The room now has two tables, six chairs, and a tub for ppl waiting to dart if it gets crowded. also some ballin music from pso to listen to while u spam the dartboard

Well, I got one for my ship 3 room. Time to do it myself.

alt text

alt text

Triple 20 = 60 points. Which is why Bullseye (50 points) won't trigger it, obviously.