Can't equip Lightning Espada...

Quick question on stats. I have a lightning espada and, on the item screen, it says it requires 450 dex and that my current dex is 438. When I pull up my character stats it says my dex is at 493. Can anyone explain the discrepancy and maybe some tips on upping my dex since my hunter is at 75 already?

Base Stats versus Total Stats. Your Base Stats are just your Natural Stats, your Mag, and any Stat-Up Skill from your Tree; this is the number used for equipping things. Your Total Stats include your Base Stats, Weapon, Units, and Abilities.

As to upping your DEX, as long as you are not a Newman, you just need to level up your subclass (which I assume is Fighter) and you should eventually have enough DEX.

Other than that, you can get more DEX added to your Base Stats by leveling Bouncer and/or Braver to level 75; each of their Class Boosts give a permanent Base 30 DEX to all characters on your account.

Got it, I'll just wait for my sub then. Thanks for the info!

Quick follow up; so my sub (fighter) is at 55 and apparently that's as high as it will go? So I'm stuck at dex 441, 9 points shy of being able to equip the Espada. Am I missing anything?

Level fighter to 75 as a main class, subs stop gaining at 55 but you can be a 75/75

Will do, thanks!