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Is there a date for when PSI2 will be on PC? I see Spring of 2020, but alas, it is spring with no date announced. My fiancee and I only have 1 XBOX and we are anxiously awaiting to finally be able to play together.


Something you need to remember is that "Spring" when it comes to the video game industry means April, May, and June, so technically they can release on June 30 and still have it count as "Spring." That said, it is likely we won't see the PC release until the "Official Launch" if they are releasing it as a win32 app (since the Japanese PC client already is), so they probably won't announce the date until they are confident that they can move the XBox version out of Beta.

@AndrlCh i speculate early May or late April at best imo but hey who knows. i cant wait to play this game i got hooked to pso2 a while ago and i am hyped to play it.