Nero Obsidashard

Hey guys does anyone know what i use the Nero Obsidashard for?

@DevilKing-DXD theybwill be very important for the Invade series of weapons, which are not currently out.

Not sure if they let them get exchanged as a "catalyst" in the stone shop, but I would save them.

@John-Paul-RAGE okay thank you very much for that i dont even know how i got one lol but cheers

If anybody knows how to farm them pls let me know. Tried lvl80 falz for days but it wont drop

I saw some people mentioning that these might've been removed from the drop table, along with the galeru crystals from ultimate naverius. Can't confirm it though, but I tried a few XH falz UQs and didn't get any recently either. I have 18 from a few months back but haven't gotten any since.

Those are used to exchange for Old Type (OT) weapon Invade/Austere series that was removed from NA.

And Invade Units more importantly which are part of PSO2G


yea same for me. I did some Falz XH UQ's and also grinded SHAQ threat 50 but none of the enemies that should drop Nero Obsidianshards dropped them.

I am really pissed they cut all this content. Invade upgrades have been part of EP3....

Same with the new Yamato UQ which drops Aether Fuse. We should have gotten an update to Zieg to upgrade the weapons with SAF Power/Technique/Precision V to those Power/Technique/Precision VI.

They advertised it with "all the content" ... in fact they are cheating on us.

@ToF-Wolfenstein said in Nero Obsidashard:

They advertised it with "all the content" ... in fact they are cheating on us.

Biggest Lie