A question regarding founders items

About a week ago, I put in a support ticket regarding my issue but it occurs to me that with the current state of things with the virus, I have no idea how long a response could take, so I figured I would ask my question here as well and see if the community had an answer for me.

I bought the Sonic pack and redeemed my items, got all set up to play, but found out the same day that I had accidentally created my character on the wrong ship/server. Naturally, I assumed that since there is not character transfer right now, a player would be able to receive the founders items on another server, like most preorder bonuses in typical games these days. Unfortunately, not only can I not transfer my original character with all the items, there is no way to transfer through a shared storage, AND the new character on the other ship seems incapable of redeeming any of the items whatsoever.

Am I just screwed here? It seems absolutely outrageous to me that a player could just be out 60 dollars because they accidentally ended up on a different server from their friends. I considered deleting both characters in entirety, and seeing if starting fresh would fix it,, but the message of "all possessions lost" sounded pretty clear unless I am misinterpreting.

Tldr, should I just ask Microsoft for a refund A.S.A.P. or is there a way to fix this?

The only way to fix this would be to wait until Ship Transfer is made available. You would then need to make sure everything from the pack is in your inventory (maybe storage would count too, but it would have to be that character's specific storage) or already used like the emotes or equipped. Then, when the transfer is complete, the stuff should be usable on the new server. No one knows when ship transfers will be made available, though. If the items aren't character-bound, you could move them to the storage used by the ship to transfer between characters on the same ship, but you won't be able to reclaim anything that was already used.

Just as @Ragnawind said.

To add a point, items held in Character Storage moves to the new ship with the transferred character 🙂

@Fiona-Respha Wow. I'm a bit shocked that it's handled that way. Well before I start hounding Microsoft for refunds, a followup question would be that if I delete both characters, refund the pack, then buy it again, will I be able to redeem it fresh on the new character, or is it somehow tied to my pso ID in some way? Thanks for your time.

I strongly recommend NOT to delete your characters.

Firstly, the refund will not be likely to happen. I'm not an active Xbox player so I can't tell how Microsoft are going to handle this, but speaking of SEGA's attitude, I'm more than sure that they won't make a refund.

Secondly, it's not sure if the founders pack is still available on Microsoft Store. I can't find it there. And even if the founders pack was still available, it had been a one per account item, so probably you won't be able to buy it on the same Microsoft account again.

So I think the chance that you can apply the pack on the new character is very slim, unfortunately.

@Fiona-Respha Damn. Alright, thank you for the help!