Ship 2 - Honorable Souls is recruiting!

Hello all!

The Honorable Souls alliance is currently recruiting on Ship 2. We are kinda all across the board in terms of levels. We have a core group that is expanding that does SHAQs. We have lower level members that can team up to help one another level. We also have a great veteran core to help newer players level. Our alliance headquarters is always open for all to see and the alliance is usually active in party chat or discord chat when on missions but don't be afraid to use gamechat if needed. We are sitting at about 90 members currently and are a level 5 Alliance. I can promise you will have fun and find it a welcoming place. Feel free to visit and stay in the discord if you want before you join which can be found here Honorable Souls Discord

We are still openly recruiting! We would really love to expand our player base that can do VHAQs and SHAQs.

Hey I might be interested please reach out to me on discord at corytheghost#6927

We are still looking for more members! We are an active alliance with a discord.

What time are you guys usually on?

Can vouch that Honorable Souls is a fun Alliance. I think ff7 remake probably caught peoples attention for a little while there. Pretty fun and helpful people.

Looking for a decent alliance to run with. I am lead of one atm but trying to find others to run with and communicate is difficult. IGN Danarak