Missing Star gems

I was just getting around to posting a reply to all of the threads and to ask if they had received an email from customer support. The email said that I, as well, had purchased a Collection Expansion. I sent an email back as well explaining the situation. Could it be some sort of confirmation error in the UI for the Collection Expansion? It takes two confirmations to buy a collection expansion.

That's what I think the case is, everyone here seem to have lost around the same amount.

I was missing star gems as well and was gonna put in a support ticket, but I noticed I had a sg collection expansion which I was thinking of getting in the first place. I thought: I bought it and forgot I bought it.

I guess that's not the case. Game just auto bought it for me. If it wasn't something I was planning to get I'd be mad. ._.

Every so often from now on, I'm going to take a picture of my menu, just to make sure there's no disappearing stargems.

So, this happened to a friend of mine, and she claims that Support said she used 550 star gems on FUN tickets. I wasn't aware you could use star gems for FUN.

Something really bad is happening and Sega saying it's players' fault is really bad form.

@JamarisCollie Thats extremely fishy. Im fairly certain the only way to purchase Fun Tickets is from the Ex-Cube store. The SG shop doesn't even have Fun Tickets in it, and I am not aware of Fun Tickets ever appearing in the Fresh Finds Store (even if they did, you cant buy multiples of it so there would be no way to spend 550 SG for it).

Even their FUN page only lists these as the ways to earn FUN:

Ways to earn FUN Points

Send or receive a Kudos (an added comment will earn the sender bonus FUN Points)

Exchange Ex-Cubes for a FUN Points Ticket

Log onto the game (consecutive, daily log-ins award bonus FUN Points)

Summon a “Friend Avatar” or be summoned as a “Friend Avatar” and complete a Quest

Revive Incapacitated operatives

By using ARKS Cash (AC)

I've just found I was having the same issue. I'm not sure exactly how many i've lost but I know for a fact I had 399 SG 2 weeks back because I thought it was really weird having such of odd number. checked today after using one of my log in rewards that gives 25 SG and found it only said I had 414 SG. I know for a fact I just added 25. Something is fishy for sure, I don't know if its being spent without my consent or its not registering the amounts properly but Im probably gonna end up squirreling away any future SG tickets for the next few months till I'm sure whatever is going on has been addressed.

@RiotSiren said in Missing Star gems:

Finally got a response back, they say I spent star gems on a... collection expansion.... which I did not, collections are kinda useless atm and I didn't even go to the menu where it was possible, at least not that I recall. I sent a email back explaining that and waiting on a response again.

Funny i was told the same thing I bought collection thing and i went to check and some how i seem to have Purchesed it Some how " " So i didnt wana Post it because maybe i did tho i never recall doing it but i ask my self how did i get pass 2 windows to comfirm yes Twice. and didnt wana feel Stupid >.< but now that i see everyone haveing the same Email and that makes it very Odd.

Update: they just told, Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer you recovery of your Star Gems basicly i got the Finger.

I keep trying to contact them but I have not received a response yet. Even put in my support ticket those that gave me permission to use their IDs as people who are having the same exact issue and I haven't had a response in almost two and a half weeks, even though I was just requesting for the list of IPs that accessed my account on the day the transaction supposedly happened..

I'm requesting my SG back (which is unlikely to happen as their policy strictly says SG and AC are not refundable period), but I am also requesting that this bug or whatever it is is looked at and corrected.

If they end up giving me a poor response I'm going to try to appeal to Microsoft, but that is unlikely to get anywhere.

Whelp even after putting all of the information about other players and the player IDs of those who had given me permission to do so, I got this reply.

The PSO2 Team (PSO2)

Jul 20, 2020, 6:48 PM PDT

Greetings ARKS Operative!

We confirmed the Collection Sheet Expansion was purchased 11:20:05 PM PST.

Gratitude for your support.

  • Your PSO2 Team

I mean they literally only looked at the first line of my ticket which was quoting my email they never responded to and gave me the time. And ignored the rest of it.

And again, they have failed my request to provide the IPs that accessed my account that day. And they also did not provide any response to my request to forward the worry that a bug in the UI somewhere might be charging people for SG for collection folders.

Time to appeal to microsoft, but thats probably not going to do anything.

Yep... same happened to me after maintenance and I am angry, I spent real money on AC and SG and somehow the Collection Sheet Expansion was purchased.... ok how because I just logged in, and I both do NOT want that nor would I ever spend money on it... I'm fuming now that I spent real money and they are just going to take it and lie? I wanted it for scratch.

They should really do good on this regardless of their policies. If this happens to me again I'll be requesting a refund, I'll be ripping them a new one if they refuse a refund. ._. They should rethink their "policies".

@Et3rnalGuardian yeah I'm honestly not going to stop at them because it's actual theft. If I didn't spend actual IRL money I wouldn't be as angry but you can't steal money and say it's policy. That's dirty. Someone recommended to contact places like Kotaku to put them on blast, so I sent a message to one of the writers and the more who do the better the chances the word gets out, and maybe NA will actually fix the bug and return the stolen SG.

@Et3rnalGuardian Out of all of the times they have given me a response, they have told me that the SG is not refundable, and they have failed to address my other concerns of this happening to other players by saying they cant discuss other players with me, and they have also failed to give me any information about my request to forward this possible issue to a tech team.

I'm also experiencing this. 700 star gems gone from last night to this morning suddenly with another collection sheet in my possession . I know for a fact I didn't purchase one but waiting on to hear back from support. This is insane especially considering that's like 40$ of Star Gems if you wanted to buy them.

Sorry to hear that Serge, I lost a lot of gems as well from that.

Support has denied my requests for help with everything, even when I used a Cast Female item on a male, even though the tooltip said MALE ITEM. Confirmed Bug

I don't think support has the power to do anything at all unfortunately. They're 100% useless.